Hustle Mason, aka Tn_boosie, has just released the music video to his world-renowned hit single “I’m That Winner”. Tn_boosie is originally from Seattle, Washington and became inspired to create music at the age of 8 years old. Tn_boosie grew up constantly listening to legendary artists like 2 Pac and Pimp C. Tn_boosie feels that these artists have helped mold him into the artist he is today. Tn_boosie puts great emphasis on releasing only the highest quality music. He works with his producer Jaccem Smaccem, diligently to perfect all the music they release together. When these two steps into the studio together it’s like Jay Z and Kayne, they’re guaranteed to make a hit.

Tn_boosie draws inspiration for his lyrics from his life experience he has had thus far. His main message that he wants to get across to his fans is that anything is possible. He feels that knowledge is power and wants his fans to grasp this concept when they listen to his music. Tn_boosie is the best live performer in the industry right now, when he hits the stage, the whole arena erupts. Tn_boosie has a magnifying persona to him that everyone gravitates towards, and it shows when he’s on stage.


Currently, Tn_boosie is hard at work in the studio working on a remake to Biggie Smalls song “Juicy”. Tn_boosie looked up to Biggie Smalls and wanted to honor him by adding his own unique twist to the song. Tn_boosie has big plans stepping into 2022 and intends on releasing many new projects for his fans. This is an exciting time for Tn_boosie as he embarks on the next stage of his career. Be sure to follow him on all platforms so you can stay updated on any new work he has coming out.

Check out Tn_boosie on:

Spotify: @Tn_boosie

Instagram: @tn_boosie


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