It only took one half, yet California Golden Bears head coach Justin Wilcox already needs to replace his starting quarterback Chase Garbers.

Simply put, he is not good enough. Garbers for the most part struggled to throw the football near the line of scrimmage. At one point he got a chance to hit a wide open receiver for a first down on third and two, instead he threw the ball in the ground.

There isn’t a defense in the country that respects Garbers ability to throw the football. It also doesn’t help that the offensive line is not good at pass protection. With that being said it was interesting that offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave did not call for more designed runs by his quarterback. That may have kept the Nevada Wolf Pack’s defense a bit more honest.

Instead Nevada only rushed four and made life uncomfortable for Garbers. Cal did start to move the football better inthe fourth by going back to the run. Yet the result was a missed field goal after taking an ill-advised sack.

After the Bears defense came up with yet another stop. Musgrave elected to have Garbers throw deep. The result a underthrown pass that easily got intercepted along the sidelines. What was  Worse is that he did not give his receiver a chance to even make a play on the football.

Overall Garbers completed 25 of 38 passes for 177 yards with one touchdown and one intercepted. He averaged only 4.7 yards per attempt. That is not going to get it done against Pac-12 conference opponents. Which means if Wilcox wants to save Cal’s season a quarterback change needs to happen immediately.

Also noteworthy about tonight’s loss is that Damien Moore averaged 5.3 yards per carry, DeCarlos Brooks 23 yards per carry, Christopher Brooks 8.3 yards per carry, and Marcell Dancy 8 yards per carry.



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