If the rumors of Sony pursuing a Spidey-verse are true, then they’ve built a pretty solid foundation to stand on. First Tom Holland stole the show as Spiderman in Captain America: Civil War. Marvel and Sony teamed up to go back to a more true version of Spiderman, choosing to cast a much younger Peter Parker. Up until now, most heroes portrayed on the big screen fit the mold of an older generation. By bringing in a much younger Parker than previous versions, the audience will not only see where the hero doesn’t fit in, but also where he’ll stand out. The potential of growth from a young man to a well-respected hero should play well to all age demographics.

Aside from Tom Holland, each iteration has faced some tough criticism. From Toby McGuire to Andrew Garfield, Sony has failed to reach their potential with each reboot. Now the studio has hit a home run bringing in an Oscar-nominated actor to play a major role. Tom Hardy has been cast as everyone’s favorite antihero Venom in Sony’s first spinoff of the Spiderman franchise. Set to be released October 5th, 2018 Hardy will take on the Eddie Brock version Venom. Brock’s body would go on to serve as the host for the Symbiote after being rejected and captured by Peter Parker as Spiderman. 

How does Tom Hardy fit in as Eddie/Venom?

People often hear Oscar nominations and assume an actor/actress is perfect for any role. However, with comic book movies, there are so many specific characteristics that an actor must check off in their role that it becomes more of a challenge. Fans should be excited with the casting of Hardy for that particular reason. Aside from being an Oscar winner, and aside from already having experience in a comic book role he’s been a Jack of all trades when it comes to acting. He’s played one of the most iconic villains Bane in The Dark Knight Rises (2012). He’s no stranger to action films either with movies like Sucker Punch and Mad Max: Fury Road under his belt. He’s even showed off his witty charm opposite Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon in the chic flick This Means War. None of these films earned him an Oscar nomination until 2016 when he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for The Revenant.

If an actor with the ability of Hardy doesn’t get fans excited for the role nothing will. Aside from the upcoming Dunkirk movie, Hardy will add another Mad Max sequel to his ever-growing plate. His commitment to roles makes him exciting to watch. To take on a character who’s as iconic as Venom but has never transitioned well to the big screen has to be exciting for the soon-to-be 40-year-old actor. He’ll be able to go from one generation of viewers to the next with each role he takes. Audiences have responded overwhelmingly positive to Hardy, especially after his role in the Batman trilogy. Whether it’s tv shows or the big screen, Tom Hardy is one of the few actors who rarely fails in his portrayal. For fans of Venom, 2018 can’t come soon enough.

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