With the announcement yesterday, that Tony Romo would be the backup to Dak Prescott there is much speculation that his days as a Dallas Cowboy are numbered. And rightfully so. Romo demands a high salary and there is no way that Dallas can afford that with him being a backup QB. They will most likely look to unload him in the off-season. Here are 3 destinations that could or will be looking for a veteran QB in 2017.

Jacksonville Jaguars

It may be time to move on in Jacksonville from QB Blake Bortles. It was expected that in 2016 he would take a step forward in his progression as an NFL QB. He has done just the opposite. With all the weaponry that he has at his disposal, he should be one of the top QBs in the league. That has just not happened and a move could be looked at, especially if the make a coaching change as well.

This would be a prime place for Tony Romo. With weapons such as Allen Hurns, Allen Robinson, Marqise Lee, Julius Thomas, Mercedes Lewis, TJ Yeldon and Chris Ivory a player with the caliber of Romo could make them an instant contender in the AFC South. This team is looked at as being just 1 or two players away from contending and move like this makes sense. Plus they are an estimated $56 million under the cap so they have the room to absorb a big contract.

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New York Jets

The Jets have a boatload of QBs currently on the roster. Not all, however, will be there in 2017. Tony Romo could be a great 2 to 3-year gap guy to come in and teach 2016 draft pick Christian Hackenberg the ropes. It does not seem as though Ryan Fitzpatrick will return in 2017 and Geno Smith will be coming off of a torn ACL. The only other rostered QB at this time is 2015 Draft pick Bryce Petty, whose development seems to be a slow one.

The issue with the Jets is their salary cap. They are an estimated $8.5 million over the 2017 cap. They would have to make several moves cap wise in order to accept the contract of Tony Romo. This may be the most difficult of places for him to land.

Chicago Bears

In Chicago, there is currently a lot of chatter that the team is being analyzed from the top down. There is also talk that they would like to rid themselves of the contract that is held by QB Jay Cutler. If that is the case why would you want to gain another large contract such as Tony Romo? The reason is the caliber of Romo compared to Cutler. Yes, they both have a tendency to turn the ball over. The difference is how often. Cutler throws way more interceptions than Romo. Romo’s are a little less timely.

The Bears have the salary cap to absorb the contract. They are an estimated $52 million under the 2017 cap. That will give them plenty of room to bring in Tony Romo. And placing Romo alongside the weapons of Alshon Jeffery, Eddie Royal, Cameron Meredith, Jordan Howard, Jeremy Langford and Zach Miller would make this offense very viable in the NFC North.

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These 3 teams are prime landing spots for the services of a player like Tony Romo. There are several honorable mentions that have been raised to include the San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, and Cleveland Browns, however, I of these I may only see the 49ers as a viable option. I am sure the Dallas Cowboys have fielded calls already to see how available Romo will be. Where ever he lands, they better not have Dallas on their schedule next year.