With the increased popularity of online gambling and due to the “social distancing” caused by the pandemic COVID-19, the growth of the online gambling industry is gaining momentum rapidly. Many gamblers started to favor online gambling คาสิโนออนไลน์   as they do not need to visit landed casinos and avoid being in crowded environment while COVID-19 is taking the world by storm.

There are various online casino gambling websites that have been gaining popularity in Thailand which offers tonnes of interesting promotions and loyalty programmes for gamblers.

Most registration is quite simple and can be done within a minute and you can sign up for free for most of the websites but personal information must be real for submission. Submitting fake or incorrect information might cause issues with withdrawals in the future as the online gambling website cannot identify you or your bank account information in order to conduct transactions.

The speed of registration is also something you need to look at, if an online gambling website takes a long time for a registration, something fishy is going on and your personal information might not be safe or someone has a malicious intent for the given information.

If you are looking for a trusted and reliable online gambling website, you have come to the right place. Online casino games are enjoyed by millions of gamblers in Thailand on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to find an online gambling website that is safe and secure without being scammed. A trusted online gambling website (เว็บพนัน in Thai) should make you feel safe to play in the long run.

Online gambling industry is one of the most established businesses worldwide. The industry started booming in the mid of the 20th century and has grown even bigger in the past decade. With more than 60% of the world’s population own a smartphone or mobile devices, online gambling becomes more and more common than you think.

Before choosing any online gambling websites, you must make sure the website has the following features:

  1. Website Security

Any online gambling website needs to be secure, safe and reliable as there are live transactions going on day in and out. Standard website security measures like an SSL encryption is a must. It is imperative to ensure the website is secure and there are two ways to to find out

– Look for a “padlock” icon next to the browser window, the icon represents a secure mode where any communication between your browser and the online gambling website is encrypted and secured. There will be no third parties reading the data that you provide to the website.

– The website must start with https instead of http. The “s” stands for the word “secure” and it means it is completely safe to enter and browse the website. According to Wired.com, more than 50% of the most visited websites globally are now adopting HTTPS protocol. Websites like Dafabet or Bet365 are among the first adopters of https.

  1. Safe Banking options

Another important requirement for any online gambling website in Thailand is to provide you with a secure and reliable payment option such as online banking. Online banking has become a norm over the past decade and transactions between banks are generally safe as long as the correct details are entered while making a transaction.

A reliable online gambling website should be able to accept deposits and conduct withdrawals through online banking. It is almost impossible to fake an online bank account as real human identity is required to open an account in any banks in Thailand. Keep in mind that when you register for an account at an online gambling website, make sure you submit real personal information, especially your name and your bank account number to avoid unnecessary confusion in the future.

It is a common practice for online gambling websites to transfer your winnings to the bank account information that you provided when signing up. Therefore, it is safe to say that your winnings will not go to the wrong person or anyone pretending to be you as all the withdrawals have to be verified and tallied with the information that you provided during registration. So it is also important not to leak your personal information to anyone that you do not trust.

Furthermore, it is getting increasingly popular to access bank accounts through smartphone – either by the bank’s official website or mobile app. It is fast and convenient to conduct any transactions at your fingertip. You can check your transactions anytime and anywhere and even if you notice something is not right, you can contact the bank via phone call or live chat.

Gamblers should not have to chase the online gambling website for their winnings, the speed of payout is as crucial as the banking options. Good online gambling websites will pay gamblers their winning straight away within a few minutes or at least not more than 10 minutes. If you are playing at an online casino that has a reputation of delayed payouts, it is best to avoid them.

  1. Live Customer Support

Any online business that sells products or provides services must have any form of online customer service to provide support and troubleshooting to their customers. Same thing applies to online gambling websites, live customer support is crucial to provide assistance to gamblers in terms of transaction issues such as deposits and withdrawals, website issues such as registration, or any issue related to games such as transferring the game credits from game account to other games.

As most of the online gambling websites are operating day and night, all year around without any break. A trusted online gambling website should have 24/7 support available for gamblers who have issues at any time of the day. Be sure to look for an online gambling website that offers you customer support teams that are fast response, knowledgeable and available 24 hours a day.

Afterall, you want customer support that is available to you whenever you need it. Especially when a technical issue appears, you need to have someone to address the issue to and resolve as quick as possible. You want customer support with friendly attitude and quick response times to attend to all your enquiries.

  1. Mobile Gambling Experience

Unless you have been living in a cave or isolated on an island for years, you should know the impact smartphones have had on the world today. According to statista.com, the numbers of smartphone users have grown more than 3 billion worldwide and it is estimated to further increase by a couple of hundred million in the next few years.

With smartphones and tablets becoming the first choice of gamblers to enjoy their online gambling in Thailand, many online gambling providers are dedicated to transform their websites as mobile-friendly as possible, some even converted their websites to mobile-centric and rely solely on smartphones to connect with gamblers.

Of course, not all online gambling websites are made to fit your mobile device. So, to ensure you can fully enjoy the best experience from the website, make sure you choose the website that you have no problem navigating around and always display at full visual.

  1. Choices of Games

A good online gambling website should offer you a diverse range of games, a better one should give you every option you want. Whether you prefer slot games, live baccarat, sports betting or even cockfight, you should choose an online gambling website that offers all of the above.

Ranging from traditional casino tables games like poker, roulette, sic bo, baccarat, dragon tiger to famous progressive slot machine games in Thailand like 918Kiss, Pussy888, XE88, Mega888 and Joker123, or even sports betting providers such as S-Sport and Maxbet, will give you a good variety of games. That is why the best online gambling website will offer a wide selection of games with generous bonuses.

Although most of the online casino games are instant playable which means the games are available for immediate play on a web browser without the need to download or install any software before getting into the games. But not all of the games are instant playable, some progressive slot games require installation of their mobile application version in order to fully enjoy the stunning graphics and sound effects. Therefore, a compatible smartphone or tablet is required for the installation.

You have to be careful when downloading apps via search and it is important to download from trusted sources. It is better to download from the sources provided by the trusted online gambling websites instead of finding or googling by yourself. If you do go to the wrong site and download the application there, most of the time you will be confused and get a different application than the one that you are actually looking for. The best way to avoid this is to ask for the download links from the customer service of the online gambling websites as normally they will have the information on the latest version that you need.


It is not difficult to find a trusted online gambling website with the 5 must-have as mentioned above. The most important thing is that you can enjoy each wager you place and have no problem getting your winnings as long as the online gambling website can give you a terrific gaming experience.

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