Dating as far back as last season there has been many NBA Trade Rumors that has surfaced. Today we will take a look at the top 5 so far. Now remember, these are just rumors. Some may actually happen while others will vanish as quick as their names were released.

Here are the top 5 NBA Trade Rumors for the 2016-17 season.


Blake Griffin to the Chicago Bulls

This was a big one during the offseason as many felt the Los Angeles Clippers may want to move Griffin for fear that he may bolt during free agency next season. The Clips are off to a hot start this year but this is nothing new. It’s what happens in the playoffs that always sets them apart from the contenders. Now, there is still a chance that a power play may go down if they cannot get a contract signed during the season. If the Clips feel they cannot get him to stay then they must make a deal and risk losing Griffin for nothing in return.

The Bulls were the first destination as the would receive Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic and a pick. This would be a great move for the Bulls and the Clips will just have to hope that Griffin likes where he is and will want to play even if Chris Paul leaves himself.

Chris Paul to San Antonio Spurs

Much as the same with Griffin, Paul leaving depends on where the Clippers are  come deadline time. They are currently leading the West but can Paul stomach another early playoff exit? He will have to look down the roster and think hard about his future. With so many players looking to join super teams, Paul may be the next in line.

The Spurs are the best fit and with young talent on the roster, they may be the only ones that can offer a great package for Paul. Can you imagine a team the features Paul, Kawhi Leonard, Pau Gasol and LaMarcus Aldridge? That’s scary.

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Kevin Love, Just anywhere

There are so many rumors surrounding Kevin Love that it just gave me a headache trying to cover them all. He was going to Los Angeles, Sacramento, Boston and Philadelphia but so far, he’s still in Cleveland looking for another ring. I still believe that Love is not a great fit for the Cavs but where will he end up come trade deadline time? You may be on the look out for a possible Clippers and Cavs swap for Love and Griffin.

Nerlens Noel/Jahlil Okafor, Everywhere

The Philadelphia 76ers have had their two big men in trades talks as early as last season. The team was looking to ship Noel out the Boston Celtics in exchange for Marcus Smart and the 3rd pick in the 2016 Draft. This offseason it was Okafor being shipped from anywhere to Boston, Lakers and Minnesota. But with Noel now out and Okafor playing less than he did last year it seems a move will actually be made. To be honest, the 76ers have no choice but to more one of the two. It’s not a question of when but where?

Rudy Gay to the Portland Trail Blazers

Gay is done in Sacramento and I’m surprised he’s still in uniform. This has been one of the hottest NBA Trade Rumors this season. He has said he will not resign so what are the Kings waiting for? What happens if the actually start winning? Will they be willing to destroy their playoff chances then and trade him in the middle of the season? This is what’s wrong with that organization. Too much feet dragging. The Blazers are the perfect fit as each party will get what they want. The Blazers will get another scorer and rebounder and the Kings will get younger with Maurice Harkless and Allen Crabbe.