The rapid surge of mobile applications over the past few years has lead to an increase in the use of cross-platform app development. And, one of the most popular cross-platform application development frameworks, React Native is the most popular. Many big companies like Airbnb, Facebook, Instagram, etc. use react native app development framework. The companies are using this framework because it is faster, flexible, and user-friendly.

React Native is also an affordable option. We have seen that to increase the customer base, companies build their mobile apps for android as well as iOS, and in this process, they compromise the quality of the application. But, when you use React Native then this problem will not arise.

In this article, we will tell you the top reasons why React Native Development Technology is Popular.

7 reasons why the react native development technology is popular

1. Easy Debugging

Generally, the process of debugging is very complicated as developers have to spend hours to find the problems and then rectify them. But, this process becomes easy with react native app. React Native has a single codebase and thus bug detection becomes very easy. While using React native, the developers do not have to waste hours looking at different codebases. Just one fix can remove bugs in the operating systems. Also, with the help of the ‘hot reload’ feature of react native, you can perform functions at runtime and watch the results instantly.

2. Cost-effective

Money is very important for all businesses and especially start-ups and new businesses. If money is not utilized properly then it can become difficult for businesses. Thus, businesses should spend money smartly and look for cost-effective solutions in every field. And, when an app-development platform is considered, React Native is very cost-effective, and thus many businesses select React Native for this purpose. This makes React Native development technology popular even amongst small businesses.

3. Smooth app update

When the application gets published on the app store, the work does not end there. Application may require many changes like spelling changes, updates, feature changes, changes based on user’s feedback, and many more such changes. These changes can become very monotonous and because you have to follow many steps for this. And, apart from this, you will also require permission from Apple and Google.

All of this, however, can be resolved with the ‘code push’ feature of React Native mobile app development. Apache Cordova and React Native both use code push. The mobile app is automatically updated during runtime with the assistance and help of App Center Cloud Service. The user will be able to see the changes in the app without having to re-launch it.

4. Time-saving

There are many ready-to-use components in React Native and thus you don’t have to build everything from scratch. Also, due to the single code feature of React Native, there are very fewer chances of getting a bug. Due to this, the process of creating MVP also becomes fast. Thus, a lot of time can be saved while using react native app and as you know in today’s world, time is money. This is one more reason which amplifies the popularity of React Native.

5. Strong support from the developers’ community

React Native has very strong support from the developers’ community. There are around 2 to 3 thousand contributors around the world. Also, many big leaders have contributed to the framework. If one needs any guidance or help related to React Native then one can visit sites like Native Directory and Apart from these sites, there are still many platforms where you can find assistance related to React Native.

6. Super Performance

The React Native platform provides a very good experience to the end-users of applications. Users will experience as if they are using native apps while utilizing React Native apps, whether it is an image or a text view. It should be kept in mind that mobile applications that are built on React Native are the real mobile apps. Also, if you still want to improve the performance of the React Native applications then you need to optimize your application.

7. Contributes to the efficiency of native app development

Generally, Native mobile application development is thought to be less productive. React Native, on the other hand, is based on React concepts. Therefore, react-native development helps in developing stronger mobile applications. This framework also has access to the ReactJS UI library, which is very popular and developed by Facebook.

React Native apps, despite their hybrid nature; produce the same outcomes as native apps. Therefore, it contributes to enhancing the efficiency of Native applications. This is also one of the reasons why React Native is so popular.


These are the reasons why React Native Development Technology is so popular. It is also said as time passes the technology is going to become more & more popular due to its amazing features. Thus, you should also choose to react native app development for your app developing projects. It should also be remembered that React Native is very cost-effective and thus every business irrespective of its size can use this technology and should use this technology. So, if you want an app that is user-friendly, flexible, cost-effective then you should definitely go for React Native for your upcoming app development projects.

Author’s Bio: Harshal Shah is the CEO of MyAppGurus. He has an overall experience of more than three decades in the IT industry. His area of interest lies in writing interesting pieces of content mostly on topics relevant to different types of CMS platforms. He wants to ensure that readers get acquainted with multiple web development tools & techniques so that we can build a technology-driven world for the future.