We are going through stressful times with the pandemic and intermittent lockdowns. And even though the future seems hopeful with the advent of the vaccine, there is still a long way until things return to normal. Thus, if you are planning on moving during 2021, you can use these guidelines from Howard of MoveOttawa.ca.


Let’s read these tips:


Start with One Room After Shopping for Packing Items


Moving can be overwhelming and people who have been frequently traveling due to their job requirements have an easy solution to a stable move. They suggest that you start early – even if it means packing one item at a time. But procrastinating the task altogether can make moving a stressful experience. Make it fun by looking for enticing items like beautiful planners, start a blog or vlog about it or simply involve a friend and buy packing essentials together. This will get you started and will also help you get things in order – packing essentials include tapes, cardboard boxes, markers, scissors, etc.


Think About Unpacking While Packing

While you are in the process of assorting things where they are supposed to be, bear in mind that the end goal is to unpack them more conveniently – not just the move. That is why take your time and assemble things systematically. Go through one room at a time. Use bigger boxes for the spacious rooms and smaller ones for any extra items within the same room. Do the latter, instead of just haphazardly starting with a new box with items from two different rooms.


Keep a List and Label Everything

Additionally, label everything religiously; this means color coding items, using label makers or markers – whatever seems more convenient. But do not start packing your items randomly – say the kitchenware is being packed with gardening tools. Finally, before placing the items in each box, take pictures and make lists of the contents of each box. This way you shall prevent misplacing items on-the-go!


Limit Retail Therapies and Impulsive Buying During the Moving Period

Go on Zen Mode and avoid any such indulgences that will make packing a hassle. Use this time as an opportunity to declutter and break bad habits. Buying more goods will only make the process of repacking and labeling harder. Hence, to keep things sorted and organized – avoid buying too much, give more to local charities, and have a yard sale.

Book a Moving Company Earlier and Schedule the Move

Most people tend to call a moving company far later in the process of shifting. Thus, they end up settling for the worst and most expensive service providers. That is why it is a task that must be executed earlier. This way you will not only be apprehensive later onwards but can also book the best deals! Discuss the items you are planning on loading on the truck, the number of trips you are anticipating, and your budget with the moving company – settling this as early as possible will save time, money, and energy.


Do Not Pack Your Daily Use Items and Valuables – Use a Bag for Them Instead

This includes a list of things like your toothbrush, phone, medications (if you take any), passport, laptop, credit cards, car as well as residence keys, important documents, addresses and numbers, charger, power bank, and wallet. Make sure you have prepared a list of things that you will be carrying in a bag – so that you do not end up picking them. Or worse, forgetting which box you have placed them in. Thus, it is always safest to carry essential items with you on the last day. Keep a small diary of key addresses and numbers in case your phone battery dies during the long transit, and you need to make an emergency call.

Get a Vaccination Card or Recent COVID Reports Before You Start Travelling

Finally, before going to a new place, make sure you get vaccinated if the cycle has already started in your region. Or get a recent COVID report, it usually arrives within 24 hours. This way, you will not be stopped from entering new territories or be banned from boarding planes – especially if the authorities choose to conduct a nasal swab test right before the flight. COVID reports older than two weeks are usually rejected, thus make sure you are adapting well to the changes in flight protocols in 2021. Happy moving!

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