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Do you like to present your food to evoke a sense of aesthetics on your Instagram feed? If so, you are reading the right article. If you are a beginner, your food photos may not look stunning, but that does mean you cannot take good shots to wow your followers. You need to master a few photography tips using your smartphone. A DSLR camera is a great option if you have a restaurant business and want to make your food pictures and videos look delectable. Your food images should make your followers come back to your Instagram feed repeatedly.

According to an article published in Huffington Post, the camera, lights, and action, all three make food photography stunning on Instagram. Therefore, if you would like to make your foodie feed look inspirational, here are some top tips to get you started:

Tell an interesting story through food photos           

When it comes to food styling on Instagram, try telling interesting stories through the food shots. For example, if you have baked a chocolate cake for your little one’s birthday, you need to prepare the scene before taking the photo of the delicious cake. Try to bring out the fun and craziness of the birthday celebration with your kiddo and his friends.

Again, when you are on a vacation and stopping by to eat at roadside cafes, you can take shots of the sandwiches and coffee to show your followers how you eat or what you eat when on a trip. Take shots of the healthy food you eat, how your kid competes with his sibling when savoring a ham sandwich and cold coffee with ice cream, and things like that.

Take shots in natural lighting

When you take those pictures of food with your iPhone, the most essential aspect to mull over is natural lighting. For instance, if you are eating your favorite waffles with harsh overhead light, switch off that light to make your waffle look better in your Instagram feed. When you turn off those lights, your photos will not look flat or have unappealing color casts.

Take food photos in a room where you can find natural lighting. The best way is to click photos of your food on the floor of your cooking space provided there are windows in your kitchen to let in natural light. You can adjust the lighting using the curtains. Take food shots avoiding any bright light to make your Instagram visuals pop to help you buy followers on Instagram.

When you are dining at a restaurant, take food photos on a table near a window glass to let some natural lighting. If you see the restaurant has harsh lighting overhead, avoid taking photos because your pictures will have a somewhat yellow colorcast.

Take your time to edit your food photos

Food photography is not just about clicking random pictures. You will need to take your time to prepare for every shot. Many times, a simple shot can work wonders to make your Instagram feed eye-catching. For instance, you can a simple photo of a half-eaten piece of pizza and share it on Instagram. At other times, Instagram photography is about complete food styling sitting with linens, cutleries, props, and decorative garnishing.

Do not rush into the process; take your time instead to create the background, click the photo, and then, of course, edit the visuals so that they look awesome in your IG feed. You may use the rule of thirds, leading lines, and things like that to make your food photos inspirational on social media.

Do feel skeptical of shadows

You know now that natural lighting is essential for food photography on Instagram. Then, that does not mean you will shun shadows. You can make the best use of shadows and some appropriate apps to tweak your food pictures and create contrasting visuals effortlessly.

If you are keen to work with split lighting, figure out where you would want your smartphone to meter off lighting in a particular photo. When you tap any part of the photo on your iPhone screen, you would see the visual adjust to what kind of light you happen to touch. When you want more lighting on your food images, tap the dark shadows on the phone screen. Again, if you want more shadows, tap the dazzling light. You may adjust the lighting levels just by tapping any part of a photo on your iPhone screen.

If you want some contras lighting, you will need two images, one bright and the other darker. You will need to edit the image using an app to make your visuals stunning on Instagram. It is simple to add light to photos because you have numerous tools and filters to use on Instagram.


Keep these tips in mind when you are taking food photos and sharing them on Instagram. Make sure your visuals look bright, not flat. Happy Instagramming!

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