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“Just like a musician must learn to play her instrument, you must learn to play yours, and your instrument; is you” – Maria Tornberg

A former international fashion model and actress with 30 years’ experience in front and behind the camera and credits like Super Troopers, Two and a Half Men and Days Of Our Lives, Maria Tornberg is now one of the leading headshot, lifestyle & branding photographers in Los Angeles working with high performers such as actors, models, influencers, business professionals and entrepreneurs.

Maria has collaborated with Danny Trejo, Alexander Skarsgård, Bex Taylor-Klaus and Steven Bauer as well as other celebrities such as the athletes Matt Barnes, Julio Jones and international author Salman Rushdie.

Photo by: David Hauver

Beyond her passion for photography, Maria’s industry knowledge and experience as talent, give her unique perspective on how actors, models and other clients can prepare for shoots, choose the right images and distinguish their own individual brand within a competitive industry.

“Having started as a child model and actress myself, I know how hard it is to find the right people to trust and work with. I am dedicated to helping actors and models achieve their dreams while avoiding the perils of a cutthroat business.

Young actors and models often arrive in Hollywood without any direction and are usually lost and taken advantage of. They spend thousands of dollars on headshots without a strong branding message and without a clear strategy, finding an agent is near to impossible.

That’s why they come to me. Tornberg Headshots has now grown into a ‘one stop shop’ where I assist with branding, wardrobe, working in front of the camera, career advice and connections with the best managers and agents.”

Photo by: David Hauver

Working closely with agents, managers and casting directors, Maria is able to keep her finger on the pulse of the business and help actors keep up with the high standards and demands. Maria has developed and cultivated a unique branding class, giving actors and models the tools to break down their personal brand in 10 easy steps.

“If you want to become successful, you need to adapt to a fast-evolving industry. Social   media presence is crucial and the visual messages you convey must be on point.

In order to create instantly recognizable headshots and branding images, you need to be clear about what your own personal unique brand is, the story about who you are and what you represent. Make sure that the message you give, is the right one and the authentic one. Associating strong, high quality, professional images with your brand is incredibly important to convey to your audience that you’re an authority in your industry and the right person for their needs.”

Maria’s passion for helping other’s dreams come true is the core and success of her own brand.

“Witnessing the success of others brings me so much joy. With the help of my branding consultations and headshots, actors and models don’t just get a foot in the door, but they will walk right into the room and ahead of the line.”

To find out more about Tornberg Headshots, go to: @tornbergheadshots

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Maria Tornberg and Tornberg Headshots for their time and assistance. Photos courtesy of both Maria Tornberg and Tornberg Headshots and used with permission. Additional photos by David Hauver.



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