The Dead Sea is one of the world’s must-visit tourist sites. The sea has the beautiful Negev desert surrounding it, and its shores are the earth’s lowest point.

In the Hebrew language, Dead Sea is called ‘Yam Ha-Melakh’ which literally means Sea of Salt.

The Sea of Salt literally describes the saltiness of the lake, with a saline nature that is so high that fishes cannot survive there. On another hand, these salty waters have healing properties in them, and even in the mud.

Tourists to this sea can float in the water, bathe in the mud, or visit the Dead Sea Hotel for a spa treatment and other activities.

Visit Masada and Ein Gedi National Park

Another great place to visit is the Masada, which sits on a mountain at the side of the Dead Sea.

The Masada is a steep site that tourists can climb every morning to observe the sea as the sun rises over it. From the Masada, you can see the ruins and also observe the mountains of Jordan. You can explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site using a cable car.

The Ein Gedi National Park is a distance away from the Masada. The park is located in Kibbutz, and it has several cool water hiking trails that get quieter as you go higher.

You will also find a spa and public beach on Ein Gedi where you can spend some time.

The most famous beaches you will find on your tour along the seashore include the beach at the Ein Bokek resort and the Ein Gedi Beach.

You can take a tour bus to one of the beaches and navigate to the other beach where you can spend the entire day.

Get on a daily Tour to the Dead Sea

You can catch several guided daily group Dead Sea tours from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and visit the Dead Sea and Masada. Your tour will cover the Dead Sea, Masada, Ein Gedi, and other sites.

If you can, take an alternative tour that runs for a week. During the week, you have enough time to float in the sea, climb the Masada at sunrise, and hike at Ein Gedi.

The Judean Desert Jeep Tour

Another tour to embark on is the safari jeep adventure that takes you southward through the Biblical wilderness. This tour will take you 430m below sea level, which is the edge of the Dead Sea. You can visit the Qumran caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. The exciting trip will take you through the desert, across dry river beds, and rocky hills. There are animals and plants in the desert environment to take in. You will also see the Murbaat Caves and the Cliffs of Dragot.

The Dead Sea, Jericho, and the Jordan River Tour

An exciting tour option to consider is the tour to Jericho, the Dead Sea, and the River Jordan. Many tourists miss out on several areas, but this tour operates between October and May.

On the tour, you’ll visit the City of Jericho and have a guide tell you about the Battle of Jericho and how the walls fell. You can see the sycamore tree Zacchaeus climbed, and make a stop at Elisha’s spring as well.

When you get to Tel Jericho, you can visit the Mount of Temptation on a cable car, stop at Qaser el Yahud, on the River where Jesus was baptized by Jon. You can also visit the Greek Orthodox monastery on the mount.


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