Track Pants & Joggers

So, what are you going to wear to the next brunch? Don’t tell us you are still stuck on the jeans that were invented back in 1871. That’d be too disappointing.

With huge transitions in the fashion arena, jeans are now the last choice in men’s wardrobe. Honestly, we have intentionally hidden ours. Even if they are lying right in front of us, we are tempted to wear something that is more in trend these days.

Over the last two years, jeans have faded somewhere, and it is like men are now creating diversification in the field of fashion. After all, who doesn’t like options? (wink-wink) When we talk about men’s fashion, we all can relate that we have been craving for some assortments in pieces of clothing.

If you’re looking for bottom wear with style and comfort, then nothing can beat joggers. Since their introduction to the apparel world, joggers have taken the world by surprise. For long, people have worn only track pants in the name of full-length comfortable pants. But joggers, with their unique elastic band around the ankles, brought a breath of fresh air. Not only they are stylish, but they are super functional too. With the rising demands in athleisure wear, joggers have been in trend recently. In fact, it has become the must-have wardrobe element for every man out there. The close fit at the ankle is what makes joggers edgy. Originally designed for exercise, joggers have now become the prime option for any purpose. Joggers are versatile pants that can be worn with numerous outfits and styles. Style it with a sweatshirt, or a cool and colourful t-shirt, or any kind of jacket. You can even rock a pair of joggers with a shirt.

Let’s just say, we are all on the same page and we thought of waking you up and giving your wardrobe a makeover. We want you to have it all from joggers to trousers, everything except the overused jeans.

Back In The Nineties – Cargo Trousers

When we saw these on the ramps again, we knew the millennial era is going to go gaga over this 90s trend. This comeback of cargos has been one of the most loved. If you are assuming that we are still going for the baggy version, you might have to stop thinking. This comeback after two decades is classy, suave, and relaxed; all at the same time.

Cargo pants elongate your legs and give you unlimited storage on the go.

Vibing With Relaxed – Joggers & Track Pants

If you are not aware of the fashion game that involves joggers and track-pants, you are probably living under the stone. Once you step out of your workspace, men prefer pulling off the casual shirts for men in Pakistan vibe and this two help you do that. And no, we are not just talking about cotton track pants or men’s track pants with zipper pockets. The fashion game has elevated, and we are drooling over stylish track pants and joggers.

Mr Dapper – The Linen Pants

If you are a beach guy, you know you can’t wear the jeans to your next beach party. And it’s not always the weather that can support your cargo shorts. That’s when these linen pants come handy and make you look dapper.

A man in linen pants and a breezy t shirt is going to catch all the attention and for all the right reasons. We want you to be the one in the spotlight but not because of inappropriate dressing (the one in jeans). So, the next time you are about to buy a pair of jeans, think of the look we just mentioned, and you won’t be able to resist linen pants.

Casually Slaying – Chinos

When Google shows “6 chino colours every man should own” on the top of the page, you know you are looking in the right space of fashion. Chinos have been in our lives for some years now, but some men are still hesitant about trying them and adding them in their wardrobe.

This reliable all-rounder is fit to be paired with anything that lies in your closet. A t-shirt, a shirt, a blazer, brogues, add anything above this piece of clothing and believe us when we say that women will be attracted to you – the most soigné man.

The Sharp Dresser – Cropped Trousers

Men have always chosen for fashion that revolved around fabric. However, now we want you to experiment a bit with your fit. If you are trying to ditch the jeans, why not do it with a pair of informal trousers? Cropped trousers with pleats are not just a piece of clothing. It is a statement that you make and makes you slay.

The tapered cut of these trousers will give you the comfort that you pray for while wearing those skinny jeans. This is your chance to show off the striking socks and sneakers you have been hiding under your jeans.

Casual Sophistication – Pleated Trousers

We know you are bored with those plain trousers and that is the reason you have been picking up those jeans every other day. But what if we ask you to try the same trouser but with a difference – just a pleat!

From the brand next door to the high-end stores, you will find pleated trousers on display and in-fresh stock, because these are not going out of trend for the longest time.

Are We On The Same Page Now?

It’s time you leave your wardrobe staple that you haven’t washed in the longest time. Revamp your wardrobe and add the alternatives we just told. We know you are tired of styling jeans with your usual t-shirts and casual shirts, it’s time you change your game. So, which one of these are you going to buy next?

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