Transporting Your Pets Across Country

Are you planning to move to another city and you would like to bring your pet along, you have come to the right place. Moving is one of life’s most stressful events.  Just as moving is hard on you, it is also hard on your pets as well.  Luckily there are a couple of ways where you can make the move a bit easier and prepare them for the adventure.

Moving cross country requires a lot of pre-planning, not just for your household belongings, but for the well-being of all family members. Pets have an instinctive fear of the new environment so you want to help them get adjusted quickly. It is best to start planning as soon as you know you are going to move.

Prepare Your Pet

It is a good idea to acclimate your pet for the upcoming move to ensure that the pet is comfortable. If your furry friend is to spend time in a crate, start by placing treats in the crate. Then move on to leaving the crate around the house and leave your pet inside the crate for some time with you around.  This will help to avoid separation anxiety.

Visit the vet

It is important to ensure that your pet is healthy and able to travel without any major concerns as well as making sure that its health records is up to date.  Bring your pet to the vet for a checkup about a month before your moving date.

Keeping your pets calm

Start packing up areas that your pet does not spend much time in like the attic, garage or basement.  Pets yearn for routine so in order to reduce their anxiety, it would be good to keep the moving boxes out of the way.

Transporting your pet

The best way for moving with pets is to have them travel with you in the car. This will definitely calm them and puts them in the least amount of stress. However, if you are unable to travel with your pet on the day of your move, then you may need to enlist the service of a professional pet mover. Pet movers offer a range of services like personal car transport of your pets and they also have experience in navigating tricky situations.  Depending on the service you choose, your pet may travel alone or with other animals. 

Searching for an affordable and reliable pet transport service that you can trust is often not an easy task.  This is where an online shipping platform like Shiply can help connect you with its rated transportation companies.  You just have to is fill up some information online, sit back and start to receive personalized quotes sent to your inbox. That way, you can make comparisons all in one place. 

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