Seattle is an ever-changing city, which makes it particularly fun to explore. Its popularity is well-earned – there are so many things to do in Seattle! The city is always bustling with tourists as there are lots of places, events, and activities to explore. Whether you want to check out the latest art galleries or hear some new music, there’s always something interesting going on.

Here are our five favorite things to do in the city right now.


The Seattle Underground Tour

Underground Seattle is the only city in the world built on top of another city. The Underground Tour gives you a glimpse into life before modern development changed everything.

Seattle was originally planned in 1869, but much of the city’s early architecture was lost due to major fires and other disasters. One exception is the Pike Place Market segment of the Seattle Underground, which preserves a section of old streets and wooden storefronts built during the reconstruction after a disastrous fire in 1889.

During the tour, guides explain how its old brick and wooden network of stores and apartments became an underground part of Seattle’s history. Explore the places and we’re sure you’ll love visiting Seattle.


Seattle Public Theater at the Bathhouse

Seattle Public Theater at the Bathhouse is a must-see for an artistic experience that stands out from the rest. The theater company performs inside an old public bathhouse.

The shows are only performed in this rustic space during Seattle’s colder months (October through May), but it’s worth braving the cold to catch one of these remarkable productions. During the summer months, you can catch a different kind of performance at Green Stage’s free Shakespeare in the Park series.

Seattle Public Theater has called a former bath house it’s home since 2011, but it didn’t start as an artistic venue. The historic building was a public bathhouse for nearly 100 years before being converted into an arts center.

In addition to its association with old Seattle, the Bathhouse has a special connection with the city’s theatrical history: famed Seattle Repertory Theatre founder Mary Chase once worked there as a scrubwoman.


SAM’s Permanent Collection

The Seattle Art Museum displays work from some of the world’s most renowned artists. It has several galleries that rotate works regularly, but if you’re looking for a true adventure in contemporary art, you’ll want to check out their special exhibitions.

The Seattle Art Museum has nearly 40,000 works of art in its permanent collection. The pieces represent different cultures and periods divided among SAM’s three locations (the main museum, Seattle Asian Art Museum, and Olympic Sculpture Park).

Many of the most famous paintings are on display at the main museum; for example, it has several Jackson Pollock and a long-term exhibition of work by local painter Paul Horiuchi.

If you’re interested in seeing some rare artwork from around the world, look into the museum’s International Exchange Program, which allows people to view art from other countries.


Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks fans love going to CenturyLink Field for the home-field advantage it provides their team. Even if you’re not a diehard fan, though, it’s worth attending one of the games while you’re in town – it’s a great excuse to mingle with some of Seattle’s most enthusiastic residents.

The Seahawks are one of the most successful teams in NFL history, having won seven divisional championships and one Super Bowl trophy. When you attend a game at CenturyLink Field, you’ll see why they inspire so much fan loyalty.

The team has been a dominant force in the National Football League for most of the past decade, with five straight trips to the playoffs and one Super Bowl victory (in 2014). The Hawks play from September to January at CenturyLink Field, which can seat more than 69,000 people for football. In addition to the games themselves, fans enjoy special events such as cheerleader auditions and behind-the-scenes stadium tours.


The Seattle Great Wheel

At 175 feet tall, the Seattle Great Wheel has a commanding view of Puget Sound. It’s one of the best things to do on a sunny day in Seattle, as you can appreciate the stunning scenery from every seat. If you’re feeling adventurous, plan your trip for after dark, when the wheel is lit up with hundreds of LED lights.

The Seattle Great Wheel is the largest of its kind on the west coast, towering over Elliott Bay to offer beautiful views of downtown Seattle and some of its surrounding islands. The wheel has 42 climate-controlled gondolas that are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer, with each one that can accommodate up to 15 passengers.


With so much to explore, We’re sure you’ll love visiting Seattle.. It is a vibrant and exciting city with plenty of things to do.  The best way to travel around Seattle is by rail. Ensure that you do some prior research about the timings of the metro transits for a hassle-free stay. Before your trip, book your hotel early via AmericanOtels for the best price comparisons, discounts, and options.



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