Deciding on when to visit Hawaii is possibly your first step to arranging your trip. Because Hawaii is a long way away and doesn’t come cheap, many people want to pick the best time to visit Hawaii. There is no perfect time, but some months are better than others based on your preferences. Most people decide on travel dates based on the weather, price, or season.

What is the weather like in Hawaii?

Hawaii’s weather is mild year-round, but its seasons are similar to those in the mainland. We share their summers and their winters. In Hawaii, “winter” refers to big waves and plenty of rain. Since Hawaii’s winter is the wet season, you’ll likely experience more rain on the north shores or in nearby jungle areas as opposed to leeward (sunny and dry) areas. There will be a lot more waterfalls, plus the scenery will be much lusher and greener.

Also, during the winter months, you’ll find big swells, surf competitions (on Oahu), and many awesome snorkeling spots. In addition, you will get to see some of the world’s most famous surf breaks being ridden by elite surfers.

You aren’t likely to notice a difference in temperature in winter and summer unless you visit the higher elevations of Maui and the Big Island. Winter tends to bring more rain. While Hawaii’s hurricane season technically runs from June to November, hurricanes are rare.

Is there a low-cost time to go to Hawaii?

Typically, there is no bad time to visit Hawaii. Throughout the year, people from all over the world flock to Hawaii due to its consistent weather. Hawaii’s three primary travel periods are the holiday season, summer season, and shoulder season.

Peak Holiday Season

Hawaii is the most popular and also the most expensive place to go during the winter holidays (Christmas and New Year). There is a spike in airfare this time of year, and you’ll pay more at every island resort and condominium. Avoid traveling during Christmas if you’re on a budget. It is best to block out two weeks in December and the first week of January.

Peak Summer Season

A lot of people flock to Hawaii during summer months such as June, July, and the first half of August. The summer months often attract a fair amount of visitors despite not being as busy and expensive as Christmas. Even if you have some external factors to consider (school schedules, ability to take vacation days from work, etc. ), summer is still a good time to plan a Hawaii trip. This time of year may not offer cheap airfare and accommodations, but there are still plenty of bargains available. We also recommend keeping a check on the prices online. Consider at least a few options before you settle on one.

Despite being less expensive than the holidays, summer is still quite crowded, since most kids are out of school and families consider it the perfect time to bond over vacations.



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