Travelling to Europe should be a bucket list item for an American wishing to experience the culture of the continent. There is something for everyone to appreciate, whether you enjoy history, fantastic weather or fine dining. If you’re prepared for a long-haul flight from the USA, there is culture and history at every spot.

A trip to the United Kingdom ensures that there is no problem with the language barrier, along with the prestige and history of the country. The only issue is the weather, which can be rainy even if you travel in the summer months. Germany has culture and great nightlife opportunities, and if you have the taste for it, the right food. However, it is not for everyone, and you’re not going to find a nice beach to catch a tan.

If you’re searching for a country or countries that have it all, surely the place to look is France. France has prestige and culture at every turn, notably in Paris with the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, the Cathedrale Notre-Dame and the Arc de Triomphe.

Elsewhere, you have wine country in Bordeaux with the opportunity to sample tastes from arguably the finest vineyards in the world. Then further south, there is the French Riviera, which boasts a stunning coastline and sandy beaches that you would imagine in the Caribbean. Nice and Marseille are two standout cities that excel in providing perfect weather for a walk along the beach, along with sensational restaurants. As a famous character once said, ‘a dinner [in France] is never second best’.

Further along the coast, there is the glamour and cosmopolitan district of Monaco, which features several attractions to befit the reputation of the region. Perhaps the most notable of these is Monte Carlo Casino, which was mimicked in the James Bond film Casino Royale. You will come across all the high-flyers of Monte Carlo on the casino floor around the roulette, blackjack and poker tables. These games can feature high-stakes, but there is something for everyone whether you have a large or modest budget. It is undoubtedly the place o be on an evening, even if you’re taking a visit.

The popularity of these casinos and even the aesthetics have been developed online for users to play at home for those people that cannot make the journey to the French Riviera. At the casinoclic casino en ligne they match the aesthetics and look of the Riviera in the quality of its products that give the impression of actually being in Monte Carlo. The casino games could even offer the chance for would-be gamblers to hone their skills in slots, blackjack and video poker. Online casinos have proven to be extremely popular across the world and have brought a new element to gambling to allow users to play those games that you see on the television at will on their devices.

You’re not going to play alongside Daniel Craig, but it certainly may allow gamblers to whet the appetite for a trip to the Riviera.

France is the perfect destination for a trip overseas to Europe, bringing all the elements of the continent to life. To the north, there is the culture and prestige of Paris, while to the south there is a party element with fine wines, great food and luxurious nightlife. It is certainly a country that should be visited once in a lifetime.




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