Little Rock, Arkansas, may have a reputation for being boring: but it’s at no fault of its own.  This city understands the importance of a work and life balance, giving residents the chance to cut loose and enjoy themselves without having to pay too much for housing or life’s necessities.

If you’re still not sold, and you only know what others have said about this incredible city: here are the important things to know.

Fantastic Art Scene

Little Rock is Arkansas’s arts and culture hub, gathering the best art from any of its residents and showing off their incredible talents.  From the Arkansas Arts Center Childrens’ Theater that shows fun and creative kids content for younger crowds to the Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden, the arts are more than available for you to immerse yourself in.

The Beauty of Nature All Around You

Little Rock is a gem buried in expanses of forests, mountains, and rivers.  Many love to go hiking, kayaking, or any other fun outside activity that will allow them to enjoy their surroundings to the fullest.  There’s nothing quite like getting to take a short drive, or bike ride, out of the city to enjoy views that you’d have to drive miles out of other cities to get.  Being buried in nature like this can lower stress levels and is why so many people are clamoring for Little Rock houses for sale.

There’s No Shying Away From History

Little Rock found itself at the heart of the civil rights movements of the mid-1900s when the Little Rock Nine were the first black children to be allowed to attempt joining classes with white peers.  Although this was rocky, and the children had to go through a lot in those first days and years: it pushed progress so that segregation was no longer something students would have to deal with.  To show off the pride the city has in being part of this growth, it has a monument of the Little Rock Nine statues on the state capitol grounds.

Tasty And Inventive Fooderies

The food in Little Rock is a fun mix of southern comfort and new and inventive dishes anyone would want to try.  From regular barbecue and macaroni and cheese to buffalo ribs that would surprise anyone, not from the area: a visit to Little Rock is a treat to anyone’s taste buds!

Lots to Do For Cheap!

Arkansas has a lower cost of living than most other states, and Little Rock is no different from the rest of the state!  You can find inexpensive lodging with beautiful views and dozens of fun and exciting things to do that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.  From free excursions to enjoy hiking and backpacking to paid river tours and ghost walks, your money will likely stretch further than almost any other state, and you’ll get to enjoy having more fun.  Although some may mistake this city for boring, it’s simply because they haven’t gotten to know it yet!


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