Every person can start a business at home, but very few will actually have what it takes to turn that into a success. Thankfully, there is actually something of a formula for you to follow to increase your chances of turning a personal brand into a personal business, and you can get started today by following this guide.

1. Know Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Having a USP is a very important place to start. There is a lot of competition online, and though your USP doesn’t have to be so unique that no one else is doing it, you will want to start with a niche. Niches are easy to understand and easy to build a community around. It is how you will gain traction online and be able to build a customer base. Artists have very easy USPs, as their art often has a unique look to it that helps them sell their products, but even then, you may find it easier to stick to the medium you specialize in and a certain style.


2. Create Branding that Helps Newcomers Understand Your Brand

A professional look is very important when it comes to your success. There are so many companies and small brands out there, and some of them are going to be scams. Customers are inherently wary of dealing with a fresh-faced new business of any kind, and the best way to assuage their fears is by presenting a professional, clean look that shows you have invested in your brand and that you care about your business. From there, customer service, and other trust factors like influencers showing your products, following, and so on, will come into play.


3. Have a Professional Create Your Website

The branding you create will either be created by you or outsourced. The same applies to your website. Unless you are a web designer, then you will want to outsource your efforts so that you can start to sell products or services directly through your website. This doesn’t mean you can’t sell through third-party sites like Etsy, but it means that you can start to build up a following on your site, and more importantly, have a route that doesn’t involve seller fees.


4. Outsource Marketing Efforts

There is a time and place for organic marketing tactics that is for engaging with customers and followers online – not for getting your name out there. When you have a great website, product line, or service available, you will instead want to outsource your marketing efforts to kickstart your outreach efforts. A great internet marketing agency will offer mobile, in-game, social media, OOH, AR/VR, AI, performance, programmatic, and location-based advertising strategies, ensuring that you always have the right campaign for your product, regardless of what you sell.

If you believe in your business, then your business is worth investing in. As you can operate most, if not all of it, from home, you can even keep your operating costs low, allowing you to grow organically and sustainably. Just because you can operate from home, however, does not mean that you should do it all yourself. Outsource where necessary to succeed when turning your personal brand into a business.



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