RescueBet members now have access to games and features by gaming provider MaxBet as featured on the platform. This includes a wide range of sports and gaming options for members to choose from and make a wager. MaxBet is a fully licensed and registered gaming operator that gives members the option of betting on live sporting games and events from around the world.

Members also have the option of playing other games offered by RescueBet that include casino games and access to live casinos.

Types Of Sports Events You Can Bet On MaxBet

Now that you know the top sporting events that you can take part in, it’s important to understand the various sporting events taking place across the globe and how you can benefit from it. Some sports, leagues, or matches may be a lot easier to predict in terms of an outcome than other ones.

The types of sports events one can bet on include:

  1. Soccer – Soccer is the most popular betting sport among sports bettors in terms of revenue. Members have access to various tournaments across the globe that include the Premier League, The Champions League, La Liga, the FA Cup, the FIFA World Cup, and lesser-known domestic leagues such as the A-League (Australia).
  2. Tennis – Members also have the opportunity to bet on Tennis matches, tournaments, seeds, sets, matches, fouls, and rankings and make a profit on the same. Some of the most popular Tennis tournaments include the US Open, Wimbledon, the French Open, Madrid Open, Monte Carlo Masters, Shanghai Masters, ATP Finals, and much more.
  3. Basketball – The platform features several basketball matches for members to bet on along with several options. The most prominently featured League is the NBA, WNBA, and College-level basketball. These options give punters several options and betting odds when making wagers on basketball, total points, season prediction, fouls, etc.
  4. Snooker – Avid sports bettors can bet on snooker, billiard and pool games and competitions from across the globe. This gives bettors to bet on the outcome of games, tournaments, predict match points, and more.
  5. Ice Hockey – Ice hockey is another sport where fans enjoy the sheer excitement of the sport and the fast-paced nature of the game. Punters can also not stand to profit from Ice Hockey matches by betting on the Men’s Hockey World Championship, Ice Hockey World Cup, Winter Olympic Games, etc.
  6. Handball – In a sport requiring two teams to defeat each other by scoring more goals. The game is pretty much the same as football, except players can use their hands to score goals and make plays. Punters can bet on handball tournaments, matches, and events held in the Olympics, Asian Games, Summer Games, and lesser-known leagues such as the Indian Handball Superleague.
  7. Rugby – Rugby is one of the top played and watched sports across the world. This inevitably leads to more punters making bets on the sport and more providers giving punters betting options. Punters can bet on the Rugby Championships, the youth Rugby World Cup or Rugby World Cup, and more.
  8. Golf – Punters also get a wide variety of betting options when it comes to betting on golf. Because of the number of golfers, it can sometimes be hard to win a bet predicting the outcome of a tournament. Bettors have the option of betting on players in a head to head match up. Members can bet on the PGA, the Golf Masters, Ryder Cup, The Master’s Tournament, the US Open, and more.
  9. Swimming – Although swimming competitions happen all year round, punters across the globe have limited access to screenings and betting options for non-mainstream betting sports. With Maxbet, punters can bet on swimming tournaments, matches, and leagues from any corner in the world.
  10. Athletics – This includes track and field sporting events such as running, relay, javelin, long-jump, high-jump, etc. Punters can now bet on several markets and make an accurate prediction and make a killing.

Members also have access to other sports that aren’t on this list, such as cycling, baseball, volleyball, and more.


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