If you are spending Christmas biking in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or in South America, as well as anywhere tropical you will be probably celebrating Christmas with BBQing turkey along with swimming, and having summer related type of fun.

 However, the majority of us are in the Northern Hemisphere, and unless they live in a tropical area like the Carribean, Christmas will be all about winter, snow and cold temperatures-  but who says that the cold can get into the way of having fun. You can go out and explore while having fun.

Listed below will be unusual Christmas getaways that you certainly would not want to miss! 

Have Fun Skiing and Snowboarding at Ski Resorts

Plenty of people who don’t mind winter enjoy winter-related activities such as skiing or snowboarding. In fact, there are plenty of ski resorts all across North America, Europe and really all around the world (ski resorts in the southern hemisphere like in South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand only operate between June and September, during our summer months).

Plenty of ski resorts will cater to skiers and snowboarders of all levels of experience. They will have shops so you can buy the snacks you will need in order to ski or snowboard while you are staying warm. In fact, many of these resorts provide lessons for beginners, those who are the intermediate group and for those who are experienced in skiing and snowboarding. Most of all these resorts will allow you to explore what is out there while having fun.  

Enjoy the On-Snow Facilities for Individuals of all Ages

If skiing or snowboarding is not your thing, don’t fret because you can go to these resorts that provide facilities that allow you to have fun with tobogganing, making snowpeople or snow angels. You can rent toboggans from these places as well, and have some great fun with the family. Just be very careful as you can get into some awful accidents if you are tobogganing. However, tobogganing is one way to have fun during your winter getaway that will not cost you an arm and leg. You can explore and have fun during the holidays on any budget.

Accommodations to Spend Time Away from Home Indoors

If you would prefer to have a change of scenery during the winter holidays, but don’t have an interest in participating in any kind of outdoor winter sport or fun- you can always just rent a chalet or hotel room to stay in. You can get warm and cozy indoors and these resorts will have proper heating so you can enjoy your relaxing holiday. These amenities include a kitchen that has a microwave and dishwasher, satellite TV and WiFi, a DVD player as well as ski, snowboard and luggage storage if you decide to go out and participate in winter sports.

These resorts have tasty eateries so you can enjoy a good meal or a good snack whenever you are hungry or are in the mood to have something to eat.

Whenever you go on a winter holiday you will want to make sure that you are equipped with safety equipment if you do plan to ski, ride a bike or snowboard on the resort. These include a helmet, thermal underwear, boots as well as pants and jackets that are meant to be worn during these activities. Do not forget to bring extra shirts, gloves, socks, goggles and other ski wear. Believe it or not, you will need sunscreen because the UV rays from the sun bounce from the snow which can be damaging to your skin and eyes which also means you must bring sunglasses! You will also need a map and of course your Smartphone.

Most of all enjoy your Christmas and have a fun and safe holiday where you can explore and have a great adventure!

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