(In time for the 2003 Holiday Season, American entrepreneur Mark Boldt introduces his hot new collectible Rubba Ducks in Toys "R" Us stores throughout Europe.)

The primary objective of businesses must be to convince the buyers; the rest is all secondary!

In this era of Gen-Z, unusual is the new cool. Businesses that strive hard to sell their product must learn one thing: to stay firm in the market; they must know how to capture customers’ hearts. Nobody knows that they need a specific product. The business creates a need and convinces people to buy the product or service. With time, a lot of businesses that started from the bottom have reached the top, and why so? Because they understood the importance of creating a need. One of those businesses that strived and made it against all odds is The Duck Group, LLC, also known as the Rubba Ducks, founded by Mark Boldt, the mastermind behind this creation.

The idea behind the endearing interpretation of the iconic rubber duck, or in cooler terms, Rubba Ducks, was initially generated in 1996. Mark Boldt heard his then four-year-old daughter, Savannah, imagining if the yellow rubber duck she owned could look different with unique personalities like people. Considering her idea, he knew that he could actually make business by designing ducks to match everyone’s different personalities. Turning his vision into a mission, in 1997, Mark Boldt established his venture, The Duck Group, LLC, and has been enjoying a profit ever since. The primary target market of his venture was kids, but the secondary was adults, which surprisingly wasn’t a challenge at all. Everybody knows that kids are attracted to toys; however, who knew rubber ducks could create a special place in the heart of adults. Successful are those who convince elders to buy toys, and Mark Boldt has been successful if this is the definition of success.

Customers are immature; they do not know what they need the most. In such a situation, businesses that strategize smartly and creatively get the upper hand to make odds turn in their favor. Looking at the market situation, Mark Boldt did not let his idea of creating a need for Rubba Ducks go in vain. He stepped into the corporate sector, and ever since then, he has been steadfast. With time, The Duck Group, LLC got the exposure it deserved, and today, Rubba Ducks are one of the most preferred and used products all over the United States.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the history of The Duck Group, LLC. aka Rubba Ducks

The Beginning of Forever

Founded in 1997, The Duck Group, LLC, is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the United States. Since the beginning, the owner, Mark Boldt, dreamt of achieving something big, and since then, he has been working hard day and night to attain his goal. In 1999, one of the biggest mall-based retailer stores in the United States, Spencer’s, became the initial supplier of Rubba Ducks. When the products were placed in a maximum of 600 Spencer’s stores, they started grabbing attention. At that very moment, Mark Boldt was convinced that it was his time to be a market leader. In 2001, Rubba Ducks collaborated with Dept 56 and produced over 96,000 Rubba Ducks of 24 uniquely designed and meticulously sculpted characters. Slowly and gradually, new ideas struck, and Mark Boldt started exploring new options. To be in solidarity with breast cancer patients, ducks named D.Cure were produced. Later on, in honor of 9/11, Rubba Ducks produced 25,000 Liberducks to complement the Statue of Liberty, 50,000 Heroducks, and P.D. Ducks to compliment firefighters and police officers. As time passed by, Rubba Ducks got more and more exposure.

However, the biggest revolution for The Duck Group, LLC was the year 2004. In that year, the company collaborated with huge European retailers. Kaldewei, Spedicam, Douglas Parfumerein, Ludwig Beck Promotion, and Schlicting became official partners of Rubba Ducks. Soon after joining hands with these brands, even the Europeans discovered the Rubba Ducks, and this is how Mark Boldt turned odds into his favor. By this time, Rubba Ducks were already available and known to all in the United States. The availability of Rubba Ducks at gift shops, malls, and stores like Toys R Us, KayBee Toys, Snyder’s Drug Stores, FAO Schwarz, Hallmark Stores, Target, and Kmart signified its success. In 2006, 50,000 Duckerball – soccer-themed Rubba Ducks were produced in collaboration with FIFA WorldCup, Germany. This was the time when enthusiasts and football lovers were convinced that Rubba Ducks were an initial need. Slowly after that, processes accelerated, and things got better.

Today, The Duck Group, LLC’s Rubba Ducks, is one of the most successful ventures, and Mark Boldt is a well-known entrepreneur. With a clear vision of where he wanted to be, Mark Boldt did not let a single chance stand his way. Even though there were times when things felt difficult and challenging, but with the idea of being one of the biggest sellers of the United States, with every group as his niche, Mark strived hard and earned a name.

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