Makeup is the world of magic and wonders. Doing makeup isn’t a cup of tea until you have the right makeup palette for it. We girls are always confused while choosing a makeup palette. We want nude shades and bold shades so we can play with colours and create new looks. Urban decay “Born to Run” is an incredible makeup palette that includes both nude and bold shades. This palette is made for you if you are a traveller because you can’t take 2 to 3 bags of makeup with you. This single palette is going to give you high-quality and pigmented shades to get creative looks. Isn’t it sounding amazing? You will play with every colour within budget as it costs only $49. This is the right palette for you that include 21 marvellous and spectacular shades.

The packaging is cool and beautiful. It has photos of several cities around the world; the wanderlust concept can be shown. It is a very high-quality palette with magnetic closure with a large mirror.

Colours, Pigmentation & Blending:
There are 21 marvellous colours and we have a variety of shades in it. The top row has some spectacular neutral colours, peachy shades and mid-tone matte shades. The middle row has some jewel-toned eye shadows in it. And the bottom has some cool-toned shades. You will find both neutral and pop colours altogether. This is something incredible about this palette. The formula is beautiful as all colours are highly pigmented especially the metallic ones. They swatch beautifully and blend within a few seconds. With regards to pigmentation, they were much pigmented, even the lighter shades. They do last a large portion of the day; they are not pale or frail in that sense. These are simple to mix and do the changes without looking patchy, in some cases exceptionally pigmented eye shadows will, in general, don’t mix well overall, so happy that this one is so versatile.
Create a look with this magical pallet:
Colours that are used for this beautiful look are Guilt Trip, Wild Heart, Hell Ride, and Breakaway.

Take a big blending brush and apply breakaway shades on your crease. It blends nicely and super pigmented. Then take a hell ride shade which is a beautiful matte shade and apply it on the eye crease. Then it’s time to create a purplish sassy look which requires wild heart and guilt trip shades to be applied on the eye. Take that two shades and blend it on outer lid of your eye. You can apply urban decay 24/7 eye pencil in shade viper. It is a warm-toned dark purple with a shimmery finish which enhances your eye makeup. For lips, Katy Kat gloss is used in COVERGIRL shade. It gives you luxurious and shiny lips that are perfect for every occasion. So this makeup is palette is perfect for day to day and occasional looks. So what are you waiting for? Just grab it now from our website and get creative incredible looks.

NYX professional Ultimate neutral eye shadow palette:
If you love warm and neutral colours for makeup than NYX professional ultimate neutral eye shadow palette will be the best choice of yours. This palette is highly pigmented and long-lasting. It has 16 shades. Al shades are easily blendable it has beautiful neutral shades and shimmery shades which help you creating different makeup looks. They feel butter soft and profoundly pigmented. Warm hues compliment those with warm undertones, yet these are adaptable and versatile and will look astounding on each skin tone regardless of the feeling from fair to deep tone. This palette is perfect for every skin tone. It is reasonable. It is only $12.97. You can get this makeup palette from this trusted site.

Grande Cosmetics Grande LASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum:
Do you want long eyelashes? Well, this question shouldn’t be asked because every single girl wants long and thick eyelashes. Why Grande Lash-MD became everyone’s favourite after entering into the market? The answer is here. Grande Lash-MD Lash Enhancing Serum is a serum that supports lash development. It contains different humectants, nutrients and amino acids, however above all, the superstar, the dynamic ingredient, prostaglandin I.C. While different ingredients certainly advance healthier, more grounded lashes by hydrating, folding and strengthening, the Prostaglandin I.C. is the thing that causes them to develop. Also, develop they do. You need to apply this serum for 3 months for better results. This product works like a magic and you will 100% achieve desired results if you apply it properly. It is easy to apply and non-sticky. It does not irritate. It costs only $65.

SHANY All in One Harmony Makeup Kit – Ultimate Colour Combination – New Edition:
Let’s talk about shany all in one harmony makeup kit-ultimate colour combination new edition. This is a huge edition with a lot of makeup products in it. Its shades are highly pigmented, long-lasting and made with minerals. Its packaging is amazing with a mirror in it. It includes 98 Shimmer Eye Shadows – Highly Pigmented & Formulated With Mineral Oil 70 Pastel Shimmer Eye Shadows / Silky Eye Shadows with Extra Sheen 6 Lip Glosses, 3 Blushes, 7 Sponge brushes, 2 Lip Brushes, 1 Blush Brush & 1 Mirror You can play with colours and create different looks as it has a lot of colours ranging from bright to nudes to play with. It costs is only $30.89.

Makeup Brush Sets – 12 Pcs Makeup Brushes:
We always want all brushes at reasonable prices and the best quality. It is no hard for you to find quality brushes as we have makeup brushes set comprising 12 pcs brushes. It has all brushes that are used for makeup. If you are a beginner then your choice should be these brushes. These are high-quality brushes made with nylon hair. They blend the makeup flawlessly and give you a beautiful look. It includes Small flat oblique brush, Small fan-shaped brush, Curved eye shadow brush, Oval  6 eye shadow brush, Long eye shadow, Angled brush, Foundation brush, Medium powder brush, large powder brush. Guess what its colour is your favourite and that’s pink. And we girls can’t live without pink. Price is just $8.99.


Travel Makeup Case:
We all need a makeup organizer in which we can carry our makeup and take it anywhere in the world. Here we have a sassy and comfortable bag you won’t regret buying it. It is a Makeup Bag Organizer in which we can store our essential makeup. There are many compartments in it. It is comfortable to use. The beauty of this bag is that it fits easily in a suitcase. It can hold many products at one time. It can hang in all places. The travel makeup case is made from premium nylon fabric. It is very lightweight to anyone who carries it. It is waterproof which increases its demand. Its size is Size: 10.3″ x 9″ x 3.6″. This makeup brushes set include high quality 5 pieces basic big kabuki makeup brushes and 9 Pieces precise eye makeup brushes. These brushes are made of high-quality, non-irritating dense synthetic hair with high density and soft touch. It has makeup sponges that are super soft and non-irritating. This case is perfect as a gift. Gift this case as a gift to your loved one and make them smile. The cost of the travel case is 23.98 US dollars. And it is highly reasonable. Following is the link where you can buy this makeup bag easily;

Urban Decay Lash Freak – Freaky Volumizing Mascara:
Makeup isn’t completed without mascara. We girls always want a mascara that increases the volume of our lashes and gives us a long-lasting effect. Urban decay products are always dramatic and have influenced all of us with their quality every time. Their lash freak volumizing mascara is just a bomb. This is highly pigmented mascara that gives you 23 times more volume and 40% more visible length. Its packaging is in gold and black which gives a luxurious look to it. This amazing thing about this mascara is it long last for 20 hours and it is sweat and waterproof and it defines your every single lash including tiniest lashes. Its price is $25. You won’t regret buying it.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Bear With Me Prime. Set. Refresh. Multitasking Spray:
NYX bear with me multitasking spray is infused with aloe and cucumber extricates. This touchy skin-accommodating cosmetics setting spray, boost your appearance. Use it at any phase of your routine or alone to revive your skin. A genuine triple danger, these multi-tasking showers on primer, and it boost conveying a dewy explosion of hydration with each spritz! This facial shower will be your go-to for a fresh and no-makeup look. You can add it to your skincare routine as well. It’s a spray with cucumber which will enhance your complexion and give you a subtle glow. Its price is $9.97.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Gel-Cream:
Hyaluronic acid is an important part of the skincare routine. Hyaluronic Acid is a gellike substance that has the remarkable capacity to hold dampness. It works superbly as an anti-ageing in face creams and serums, as the Hyaluronic Acid can hold more than multiple times its weight in water. So, it is important to have the right brand for it. Neutrogena hydro boost hyaluronic acid hydrating gel-cream is one of the best creams in the market. This gel gives you a smooth look and hydrates you fry skin. This gel is light-weight and non-greasy. It locks the moist into your skin and has longlasting moisturizing power which hydrates your skin for all day. If you have really dry skin you should choose this product. It is only for $16.44.

BESTOPE Conical Handle Makeup Brushes with Case Bag:
This set is best for professional makeup artist and beginners. There are 14 pcs brushes set champagne gold. These brushes are super soft and blend makeup products flawlessly. These are wooden brushes and help you to blend the product easily. These are available at a cheap price on our website. Its price is just $14.99.
Blush Brush: Suitable for blending blush and loose powder
Powder Brush: Suitable for blending loose powder
Face Flat Brush: Suitable for blending high-light powder
Multi-Function Brush: Suitable for blending blush, powder
Foundation Brush: Suitable for blending foundation
Mini Flame Brush: Suitable for blending eye shadow, concealer products
Large Shade Brush: Suitable for blending eye shadow
Small Shade Brush: Suitable for blending eye shadow
Angle Shadow Brush: Suitable for blending eye shadow
Concealer Brush: Suitable for blending concealer products
Small Eyebrow Brush: Suitable for blending eyebrow powder
Precision Crease Brush: Suitable for blending cream, foundation
Precision Flat Brush: Suitable for Eye Shadow.

Coty Airspun Loose face Powder:
Loose face powder is a crucial part of makeup. Your makeup doesn’t complete until you have beautiful and quality loose face powder. Coty air spun loose powder helps you to bake and cook your makeup. It hides fine lines, bumps and wrinkles. It gives you a smoother and glowy look. If you want a long-lasting makeup than this product is made for you. It hides your flaws and boosts your confidence by hiding your dull-looking skin. Its price is $7.99. Go and grab your item.

Beauty-Glazed 6pcs/Set Makeup Matte Not Faded Lipstick Lip Kit Gloss Long Lasting Lip Stick Cosmetics Mini Set:
Are you looking for reasonable matte lipstick lip glosses? Here we have a beautiful and mesmerizing mini-pack of the lipstick with amazing quality. These are Beauty glazed 6 pcs set. It has amazing nude and dark colours. If you travel a lot then this product is made for you. What girl does say no to lipstick?We all love them and we always have space for lipsticks and glosses in our makeup drawer. These are
reasonable matte lip set that costs only $8.88. So what are you waiting for? Your wardrobe is waiting for having more lip shades.

Pure Vie 132 Colours All In One Makeup Gift Set:
This is all-in-one makeup palette including 94 Highly Pigmented Shimmer and Matte Eye Shadows, 12 Concealers, 3 Face Powders, 3 Blushers, 3 Contour Shades, 2 Lip Liners, 2 Eye Liners and 5 Eyebrow powders. Suitable for those aged 12 and  upwards. This can be a perfect gift for a bride and you can buy for yourself if you area bride to be. The packaging is so good that you can carry it anywhere. You can get all the makeup products in one bag. This set is made for you if you are to travel often. You can buy this item only for $62.98.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer:
It is a top-rated makeup product that covers you all dull skin areas. It hides your dark circle and gives your flawless look. It gives you a brighter skin tone. It is lightweight and easy to wear. It costs only $7.98. This product has 30 thousand plus reviews and it is a favourite product of all women out there.

NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss:
It is the top 6th makeup product. It has different beautiful shades that enhance the beauty of your lips. It gives you a smooth texture and makes your lips soft. This product has 21 thousand+ reviews. It gives you a long-lasting look. Its price is just $4and you can get a pack of it for $13.10.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner Pencil:
These are long-lasting eye-liners. It is an award-winning eye pencil and this is the good thing about it. It is available in 20+ beautiful shimmery shades which enhance your eye makeup and gives you an attractive look. It is long-lasting and you can wear them for the whole day. It is convenient to use and made with hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, Jojoba oil and cottonseed oil. Its price is $22.00

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara:
This is long-lasting and waterproof mascara. This is the top-ranking product and it costs only $8.99.This gives you a bold look and enhances your eyelashes. It has 30 thousand reviews. Don’t waste your time because it is hard to find reasonable and quality products.

Top-rated anti-ageing serum pack of 3 serums:
This is USA top-rated face serum and it is available in a pack of super 3 serum. It is made from organic ingredients which helps you to moisturize your skin and get glowyand spotless skins. This product helps to fight with wrinkles, dull skin and fine lines.
There are 3 serums:
1. Vitamin C serum
2. Retinol serum
3. Hyaluronic serum is an amazing online shopping website where you can buy any type of skin products, makeup products, oral care products, nutritional, vitamins, dietary supplements, or whatever you want.
Order you favourite product now and you can have deals and discounts.

Shany Carry All Trunk Makeup Set:
The first thing in shany carry all trunk makeup set where you will find four mini eye shadows palettes, two lip liners, two lipsticks, four nail varnishes, a blush brush, a dual-sided eyebrow comb/brush, two eye shadow brushes, three dual-sided eye shadow sponges, two blushes, one bronzer, and two eyeliners. It has a mirror it is the complete and perfect makeup set at cheap price. There are almost 600 reviews.
The quality is good and every shade blends easily. The products are long lasting and stay wonderfully on your face. You can buy this amazing trunk in just $42.49.

Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation:

This is the foundation which is available in 16 shades. It can apply with a beauty sponge and blending brush. It includes vitamin A C and E and infused with hyaluronic acid. The product is long lasting, lightweight and available at only $10.77.

Shany the master-piece 7 layers all in one makeup set:

1. First layer;
Includes six large blush shades ranging from rosy pinks to corals.
2. Second layer;
Includes eye shadow palettes of a variety of highly pigmented colours
3. Third layer;
Includes eye shadow palettes of a variety of highly pigmented colours
4. Fourth layer;
Includes eye shadow palettes of a variety of highly pigmented colours
5. Fifth layer;
Includes eye shadow palettes of a variety of highly pigmented colours each eye shadow kit contains matte and shimmery colour.
6. Sixth layer;
Contains concealer, contour shades, and foundation which are smooth and easily mix with your skin tone.
7. Seventh layer;
Contains 32 different and beautiful lip colours and lip balms which will surely increase your lip beauty.

This amazing product is available at just $55.99.

SHANY Makeup Premium Beauty Sponge Blender Puff Set:

Shany makeup premium beauty sponge blender puff set is a set of colourful beauty sponges. It has different sizes and shapes. These are soft and blend your foundation beautifully and flawlessly. They are reasonable and just for $15.90.

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