It is a product of PAX labs, which started as a start-up in 2012. The company released PAX 1, which was much better than the other bulky vaporizers in the market. Then in 2015, the company released PAX 2 with a longer battery lifespan. Then in 2016, the company released PAX 3 as the most advanced vaporizer in the market. PAX 3 is a portable vaporizer that allows you to consume cannabis flowers in a High-Tech way.


PAX 3 contains a dual-use chamber. It allows for both concentrate and flower vaporization. It can be connected to a mobile app via Bluetooth and provides users with complete control over temperature. It also allows you to lock the PAX 3 Vaporizer to keep it away from children and anyone you don’t want messing with your device. The application also provides firmware updates.

Other than custom settings, the application comes with five predetermined settings that can quickly change the concentration of smoke. These settings include efficiency, essence, standard, boost, and stealth.

Vaporizer Equipment Kit

PAX labs offer two kinds of kits. The basic equipment kit includes everything essential, but the concentrate kit gives some extra accessories for extra fun.

This vaporizer equipment kit contains three different types of lids for different usability under different circumstances. These three lids are the oven lid, ½ lid, and concentrate insert. Other than that, it contains a PAX 3 (Obviously), charger, flat mouthpiece, raised mouthpiece, cleaning kit, extra screens, multi-tool, soft pouch, and a 10-year warranty. In the basic equipment kit, you will miss some of these materials but will get all the necessary materials needed.

Heat Speed and Usability

The good thing about this vaporizer is that it heats up fast. It just takes 10-15 seconds to heat up and ready to use. However, if you like high temperature, then it will take almost 5 seconds extra to reach that temperature. However, it is a misconception that good stuff comes at high temperatures. You can check that use it at high temperature but also go ahead and use it at low temperature once, and you will know the difference that not always high temperature is enjoyable.

You can change the temperature using the mobile app according to your preferences. You can also choose one of five default settings to let the company do the work for you. You can increase or decrease the temperature just by a few taps on the screen of your smart-phone.

How to Clean PAX 3?

First of all, turn off the piece of your heart. Then remove the mouthpiece and oven-lid from your device. Now, use a pipe cleaner and pop the oven screen out. You can use rubbing alcohol to clean the mouthpiece and oven screen.

Remember not to submerge the parts in alcohol but use a cotton swab instead. Be sure to check that the pieces are clean before putting them back into the device for the next use.

Personalize the Device

You can find multiple ways to personalize the device. For example, you can purchase skins that are made specifically for the PAX 3, or you can do laser engravings on your device. It depends on your taste how you want to personalize it.

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