Polycarbonate Sheets

When compared between simple and polycarbonate plastic sheet, most vote goes to the latter one as it is sturdier than the former.  While using both of them for any purpose polycarbonate plastic sheet has proved to be superior to plastics. With low maintenance they provide good value for the money invested.

The advantage of using polycarbonate over normal plastic sheets is that polycarbonate will allow about 89% light transmission while plastics allow about 80%. Whether to be sued in greenhouses, pergolas, skylights, awnings, carports, conservatories or any other constructive purpose, use of polycarbonate is becoming popular. It is replacing most of the traditional materials like fiberglass, glass and even acrylic. It is sturdy, durable and long lasting, and this plastic sheet can provide you easy maintenance procedure.

Reasons to Choose the Polycarbonate Plastic Sheet:

The reasons that it is becoming popular are due to the various benefits it offers. Some of them are discussed below.

#1. Durability: The use of polycarbonate plastic sheets is popular for most of the construction works because it is five times stronger than glass. It is durable too and above all it does not have much weight nor is it rigid. This material is light in weight and quite flexible.

Polycarbonate Plastic Sheets

#2. Ease: Being light in weight it is easy to carry this material from one to another with ease. While they are transported from one place to another there is not much weight so there is no need of machinery for moving them. Even the installation of the polycarbonate sheets is simple and easy. If you wish you can even, try installing it by DIY techniques. It will not require much professional help. But if you want to install the perfectly then you can take professional help. Apart from that, if you want to process the plastic sheets with some fabrication tools then you must contact the professional polycarbonate plastic sheets fabricators in this regard.

#3. Appearance: Nowadays, appearance of everything is important. Whether you need polycarbonate plastic sheet for your green house or roofing solution, you will need something that will look good after completion. This is again where polycarbonate has an advantage. They are available in varieties of colors and of varied thickness. Hence, you can choose something that will enhance the aesthetic look of your place. If you try to use plastic for such construction, it also may be available in different colors, but it cannot withstand heat above 100 degrees Celsius while polycarbonate sheets can withstand temperature till 120 degrees Celsius.

#4. Insulation: It’s true that polycarbonate plastic sheet can transmit about 89% of light but still they are great in thermal insulation. As it can keep the temperature intact it is useful in reducing the electricity bills. It will even prove useful for the cooling units that are used in your home or commercial place. The cooling unit will not consume much power. Thus, by installing polycarbonate sheets you can save on your energy bills while maintain the temperature.

#5. UV Resistance: Even though it allows sunlight it can obstruct the harmful UV rays outside. Most of the polycarbonate sheets are covered with UV protection layer that stops the UV radiations from entering your premises. Thus, when used in conservatories or greenhouses, they are best as the plants get enough sunlight but do not have the fear of getting harmed by the UV rays.

Due to these benefits and many more the use of polycarbonate sheet has increased. They are corrugated and are most useful. Whether you need solid sheets or textured sheets you will get varied option that will allow you to complete the construction properly.

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