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Virginia Tech Hokies: Exclusive Interview with 4-Star QB Quincy Patterson

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Quincy Patterson is one of the top quarterback prospects in the 2018 NCAA football recruiting class and decided to commit to the Virginia Tech Hokies. He may not be a big name just yet, but there is no doubt that Patterson has a bright future ahead of him.

Before choosing to commit to the Hokies, Patterson had quite a few high-profile offers. Outside of Virginia Tech, Patterson had offers from Illinois, Iowa, North Carolina, N.C. State, and Syracuse. All of those schools are solid football programs, but Virginia Tech was able to convince him to commit to them.

Now, Patterson will try to join the ranks of top-notch dual-threat quarterbacks to play at Virginia Tech. Names like Michael Vick and Tyrod Taylor have put up massive numbers for the Hokies and gone on to have successful careers in the NFL. Patterson would like to follow in their footsteps.

Coming out of Chicago, Illinois, Patterson is listed at 6-foot-4 and 235 pounds. He has a body ready for immediate action and intends to do everything in his power to play early for the Hokies.

Our very own Evan Massey had a chance to talk with Patterson about his commitment to Virginia Tech among other things. He shared quite a bit about himself and his expectations. First on the agenda was to find out what made Patterson commit to Virginia Tech and what the main deciding factors in that decision were.

“The main deciding factors were education. I was at a point where I narrowed my list down to about five and those schools were going to separate themselves from each other by the education and what they had to offer. Virginia Tech had the most promise for engineering out of those five schools that were chosen.”

Patterson went on to talk about what he brings to the field and what Hokies’ fans can expect from him.

“I would say that I’m a passer who can run. In my highlights and even in game you won’t see much of me throwing because of the way my school is run. Also, I’m a really big body who is hard to take down.”

If he is unable to win the starting job immediately, Patterson expects to redshirt his freshman year and not take up a year of his eligibility sitting on the bench.

“They haven’t talked much about their expectations. They expect me to come in and compete right away, but of course, if I don’t win the job, I expect to redshirt.”

For fans that may not have seen him play, Patterson was happy to break down some of his strengths and a weakness to work on.

“My biggest strengths are running the ball with a purpose and seeing windows. My biggest weakness is tying my eyes with my feet.”

Patterson also has a couple NFL quarterback that he likes to pattern his game after.

“I’d say either Deshaun Watson or Cam Newton. They are both big bodied guys that play with passion and are on a mission to be the best.”

Over the next five years, Patterson has set out major goals for himself. He shared those goals when asked about them.

“I hope to be playing my last year of college ball tearing up the NCAA and being the face of college ball. I hope to become the passer I aspire to be and still be able to run the ball with ease.”

Taking some time away from talking about his game and Virginia Tech, Patterson took some time to give a shout out to those who have helped him get to this point in his career.

“Definitely my coaches ranging from Coach Z (my OC), Coach E (head coach), Coach Lawson (my old head coach), and the person who helped me the most as far as actually being a quarterback was my trainer/coach Jeff Christensen.”

Honing back in on personal and team goals for his career at Virginia Tech in particular, Patterson laid out very high expectations and goals for his team and himself.

“I hope to have four national championships or championships of some sort. I hope to just become a better person and player through VT’s system considering it’s the time when I become a “man,” a Heisman would be nice, but I don’t have many individual goals.”

Away from football, Patterson is a laid back guy and described who he is when he’s not playing football.

“I’m very laid back. I’m either on YouTube, watching football, or doing homework. I don’t have a ton of friends purposely of course, at least I hope so. I love spending time with my family.”

Closing down the interview, Patterson sent a message to the Hokies’ fans who have already been extremely supportive.

“Just that I love them all and keep rooting Hokies! #GoHokies!”

We hope that you enjoyed this interview with Quincy Patterson and encourage you to give him a follow on Twitter at @quincy_qb1. Also, give a follow to Evan Massey on Twitter at @massey_evan. Thanks for reading!

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