If you have a construction business then you must use different types of cranes for your projects. You can use a jib carne for lifting heavy materials and equipment, and you can mount this carne on a high-rise building or skyscraper.

There was a basic design and construction to most parts of the jib craneCompared to bridge or gantry cranes and workstation cranes, they are easy to use and require little maintenance, containing fewer parts that could fail.

Some of the components are associated with the jib crane are shown below:

  • Reach/boom: the horizontal bar on which the carriage travels back and forth.
  • Column – The vertical beam to support the boom in freestanding mode.
  • Mobile Hoist – The hoist is used to lift, place, and lower a load.
  • Cart – The cart can be moved manually, motorized, or pneumatically. The trolley carries the hoist, wire rope, or chain and hooks throughout the entire boom.
  • Rotation: You can rotate your job crane 360 ​​°. With the wall and column jib cranes, you can rotate 180-200 °.
  • Electrification / Pneumatic Power – Electric slip rings or pneumatic airlines can be attached to the top or bottom of the mast to provide pivot support and allow continuous 360 ° boom rotation.
  • Controls – For motorized or air-actuated boom systems, you can use a control button to control boom rotation and trolley movement. Variable-speed or multi-speed controls are available for the hoist and trolley. You can check such mechanisms before you buy a crane.
  • Swing Stop – When the crane is close to a wall or other obstacle, a Swing Stop will limit its movement before it collides with a nearby object.
  • Environmental Considerations: Arm system components can be galvanized to resist corrosion for outdoor use. In addition, special control enclosures can be developed for explosion-proof applications and other environments where heat, dust, and dirt or humidity can influence.

Jib Crane is essential for any production process that requires speed, precision, and minimal downtime. Designed for a seamless user experience, they are versatile, durable, and suitable for almost any type of workplace, supporting bridge cranes on production lines and helping terminals, processing cells, and warehouses run smoothly.

 Various versions for Jib Crane 

 • Stable swing with robust bearings and adjustable swing resistance

 • Manual swing available for all types

 • Swing limiter allows two-degree rotation adjustment

 • Clamp mount allows swing limiter to be added after Smooth installation operation with reliable cable management

 • Column booms allow cables from below, from the side, or from above

A jib crane is a fast and accurate materials handling tool with the following product benefits: 

 • Easily adaptable to your multipurpose installation with a variety of options

 • Improves safety and productivity

 • Handling efficient and precise loading up to 2000 kg

 • Ease of installation and relocation

 • Longer life with little maintenance

 • Ease of maintenance minimizes waste downtime


You can install multiple jib cranes to maximize your production level, and you must hire an expert and trained operator to increase occupational safety at your workplace and minimize workplace injuries. Jib cranes are perfectly designed to handle a maximum number of lifts, but you must check their loading capacity before you choose.

In combination with an existing overhead crane or work cell system, offer an ergonomic way to move material. To guarantee that you build a jib crane that is the most cost-effective, acceptable, and productive for your application, keep the following factors in mind.

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