No matter how strong you have built your home, it is susceptible to water damage once or twice in a lifetime. The major cause of water damage can be a leakage in the existing plumbing system, natural disaster, leaking roof, or flood damage. You can spot leaking roofs in case of minor damage or a gush of water rising to inches within hours in serious cases.

Water damage, if left untreated can make your wall paint soggy and cause structural damage leading to high costs of treatment and repair. For immediate help, you need to call an experienced water damage restoration company like Clarke Contractors in Cincinnati Ohio. In business for almost 25 years, they are categorized under emergency water damage services. This means they are available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

There are many vulnerable states in the USA that are prone to water damage. The list has popular states like Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas. Many cities face flooding with a Flood Vulnerability Score of more than 85%. However, three major categories of water damage accumulate water in your home leading to despair.

Clean Water Damage

Though it creates a mess in your home, this water accumulated is clear. They do not pose any threat to health. Major causes for such water damage are in the case of sink overflows, any blockage in the pipelines, etc the water, in this case, is clear and does not have any adverse effects on health. You can clear them immediately.

Grey Water Damage

It is also called category 2 damage. This water is contaminated and can cause sickness. It is grey because of the harmful content of microorganisms it contains. The major cause of such water damage is broken toilets, broken pumps, or seepage. This water can cause sickness and poses health threats.

Black Water Damage

It is the third level of water damage where the entire home is filled with black contaminated water. It has bacteria and other harmful organizations that immediately affect your health and immunity. The main cause of such water damage in your home is sewerage problems and standing water that accumulates bacteria and microorganisms.

For all three categories, you need water restoration services to save your home and yourself from property and health damages. They are dedicated to protecting your home and it’s the smartest decision after you face any category of water damage in Cincinnati, Ohio.

How Can You Choose The Best Water Damage Restoration Company?

In case of water damage, you immediately need to choose a damage restoration company that can treat it professionally. They use high-end tools like a dehumidifier, HEPA vacuums, air purifier, self-propelled dump containers, etc, to remove water and moisture. They must remove water, clean up the mess, and make the home ready as it was before. They ensure that further damage will not occur due to any water damage. When you choose the best water damage restoration company, you need to check:

Their Year Of Expertise And Guaranteed Service

The restoration company has years of expertise and they guarantee 100% professional service. They have a team of certified professional staff who know where to start restoration and make your home as beautiful as it was before the damage.

Response Time

A good restoration company will immediately respond to your call and be there for your immediate help. They are not bound by time and will reach your place even at midnight for a trouble-free home.

Online Reviews And Customer Satisfaction

Every business is listed on the search engine with star rating reviews. A five-star rating with a good testimonial is valuable for any business. Check their rating and reviews to know the level of customer satisfaction they have provided in the business. You can also contact your friends, families, and relatives for word-of-mouth promotion.

Water Damage Restoration Process

What happens when you call a water damage restoration service? Do they come immediately? What process do they follow? It has a particular process that every restoration company follows. It starts with

  • Customers call the water damage restoration service via phone or by filling the contact us page online.
  • After expert investigation, they provide you with the exact price estimate of restoration and remodeling.
  • Water removal is the first step completed by the experts after that they dry out the moisture
  • They offer remodeling services to their clients that make their home look better than before.

Have you tried a damage restoration service? Call them in case of emergency and set your home free from damages.

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