N95 particulate respirators made in USA are now recognized as a reliable option for personal protection just because American manufacturers have put in a lot of efforts to ramp up high quality mask production facilities amidst the pandemic crisis. Masking up mandates have compelled the nation further to opt for the best PPEs and play their part in defeating the virus sooner. There is no wonder why N95 respirators have been repurposed creatively during the initial phase of COVID-19 pandemic which is still practiced by many people to make the most use of each mask. While N95 face masks made in USA are undoubtedly the most reliable option for protection against viruses, wearing or reusing them for extended period of time depends on the exposure to contagious infections.

Medical Supply All provides buyers with a trusted platform for finding the best budget friendly N95 respirators for optimal protection against COVID-19. Being an online retailer, it has served and facilitated the nation with an American solution by promoting reputed brands and best in class products. Here’s how you can make the best use out of N95 particulate respirators even if scarcity is no longer an issue.

How Many Times Can You Reuse an N95 Respirator Mask?

N95 particulate respirators are designed using an efficient filter to block at least 95% of the particles sized as small as 0.3 microns. The respirator works perfectly as long as the filtering tendency remains intact. The usage and storage of N95 respirators is critically important in order to keep yourself and everyone around you safe as a contaminated mask can be dangerous for the environment. While it has been a major concern about reusing N95 respirators for safety reasons, it was certainly unavoidable to wear the same mask more than once initially during the pandemic. Now that we have several options for N95 particulate respirators made in USA, it is still considerable to reuse them for a number of times. Use at least 5 N95 respirators in rotation to wear a different mask every other day until the virus takes its time to die off completely. It usually takes 4 to 5 days for the Coronavirus to become dead so you can use each mask safely up to a maximum of 5 times following safe methods for decontamination.

Safe and Effective Decontamination Methods

It is to be noted that N95 particulate respirators made in USA are designed for a single use although the CDC and NIOSH has acknowledged safe methods for decontaminating masks effectively when PPEs were scarce. While rotating masks allows the virus to lose its viability significantly, user seal check should be performed each time you reuse a mask. Other decontamination methods that do not interfere with the filtration capacity or electrostatic charge include UV treatment, Hydrogen Peroxide vaporization, moist heat, and dry heat methods. However, the fit of the mask should never be compromised no matter if it seems alright otherwise.

How Long Does an N95 Respirator Work?

Prolonged use of N95 respirators is only recommended for up to 8 hours to keep the filter perform optimally unless the exposure to pathogens is minimum. There are even strategies to prevent the soiling of mask such as wearing a face shield over the N95 respirator which eventually prolongs its use. Moreover, wearers should take care while donning and doffing their face masks and wash their hands thoroughly to minimize the risk of infection.

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