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The nightlife of New York City is well known to party-goers all over the world. The powers that run the show all year round are DJs like Damian Perez who goes by the name DJ Beyond. He has been widely acknowledged for his skill and won the award for Best Blend DJ by Urban Mixx Awards. The DJ has joined us to answer some questions about his personal life and tell us some things that do not know too many.

What do you enjoy more, DJing or hosting events with BeyondRest Entertainment?

Well, you started with a tricky one. I’m gonna choose DJ’ing. it comes naturally to me as I am the son of Alfonso Perez, a Spanish musician, so music was always a part of our household. Things took off when I got two turntables for Christmas at age 15. This doesn’t mean I love BeyondRest any less, it is my brainchild.

How were things growing up in Manhattan?

Things weren’t perfect but they were better than most other people. My family is originally Puerto Rican and Dominican but moved here when I was a kid. I went to the Marta Valle High School and then did my GED from Alternative Education Complex. When I wasn’t at school, my father kept me busy with him doing preparations for his gigs. It helped me stay off the streets and avoid the destructive habits that the other kids were doing. I also met DJ Rest in school and later we started our own event management company.

Who supports you more, your mom or dad?

I just can’t choose between any one of them. My dad was my biggest inspiration to become a DJ and start my company BeyondRest Entertainment. On the other side, my mom was the glue that kept my life together and was always there when I needed her most.

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has said to you at a party?

I remember it happened a couple of years back. While playing at a club in New York, a dude comes to me and says, “You just have to be the DJ on my birthday next week, I love the way you always make us all move to the music”. It was a bit weird because I thought it would be a small house party and I mostly avoid such private events for some reason. I agreed because the guy was so kind and a fan. Turned out, it was one of the biggest parties my company had ever arranged with so many A-list guests. Not turning a fan down led me to deals for many events and companies such as Pepsi and Marriot Hotels.

If you weren’t a DJ, what would have you chosen to become?

Well, I haven’t thought about it a lot as all this happened so smoothly. If I wasn’t a DJ, I would have become a lawyer. Then I would do my best to grow and enter the government, like becoming the district attorney. This would be my way of giving back to my community by making things better there.

You can get to see more of him by following him on Instagram at @djbeyond.

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