When planning relocation, you should make several plans to ensure that your move goes smoothly. If you own a pet, your plan should be more thorough because they need to be transported apart from your luggage. You need to ensure your pet is comfortable and safe during the journey to your new home. One way to ensure that your pet gets proper attention when moving is to work with a pet relocation service.


Benefits of a Pet Relocation Service

  1. They have the necessary knowledge and experience

 A pet relocation company has spent time on the business, and they are used to the process of transporting pets from their homes to the new destination. They will handle the boarding, feeding, caring, and even bathing the pet during the transportation process. You can also get all questions concerning moving your pet answered.

  1. Less stress during your move 

Once you get a pet relocation company to handle your pet transportation, you can focus on moving your luggage and yourself. While you travel comfortably, you can rest assured that the pet transportation experts will transport your pet in a comfortable environment.

Most pet relocation companies will pick up your pet and transport them in air-conditioned vehicles and properly ventilated crates.

Ferndale, a pet relocation company, has 30 air-conditioned condos for cats, 33 private kennels for dogs of all sizes, and the option of AC or fans. If you own two cats or two dogs, you can board them together so that they enjoy each other’s company during the trip.

  1. They handle all necessary paperwork

Relocating a pet requires some paperwork, with unique regulations from one country to the next. For instance, Taiwan, UK, Australia, and other isolated countries and those surrounded by water have strict rules.

While it might take you as much as 9-12 months to plan for the move, pet relocation experts are familiar with the requirements and will show you how to handle the process.

  1. Expert Services based on needs

A great pet relocation company understands that different pets require different levels of care, so they have experts to handle different animals and their needs.

Ferndale has a team of experts, including Pet Boarding Service Assistants, Shipping Managers, Consultants, Pet Travel Customer Consultant, and a Veterinary Surgeon. With the uniqueness and needs associated with pet relocation, pet health, and animal welfare are very relevant, which is why you need experts to handle your pet.

  1. Saves Time 

Rather than spending a lot of time trying to understand the process of traveling with a pet, which might not prepare you for the challenging journey, working with a pet relocation company will save your time and effort.

Some pets cannot cope in your vehicle throughout a trip and might need special care and attention. You need a pet relocation company to handle such pets and make them feel comfortable. Pet relocation experts plan every trip while considering your pet’s comfort and safety. Engaging in their services will give you spare time to plan the rest of your move.



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