The bedroom is a sacred place and as a couple, it is a space that you use to connect with your partner on a deeper level. Understanding your partner’s wants, likes and desires when you are turning up the heat is essential to develop a strong bond. With that being said, you might ask – what do women really want?

The age-old question has haunted the minds of generations of men. Steffo Shambo, founder of Tantric Academy of Sacred Sexuality, tantric practitioner and sex and relationship expert, believes that it’s just a case of excellent communication and tender love and care which will give a woman what they truly desire in bed.

Every individual – male or female, has their preferences in the way they enjoy engaging in sexual activity. Shambo notes the main issue many couples face is that in the heat of the moment, men may become self-absorbed with their needs and pleasures, failing to cater to their partner’s.

Remember, the sexual experience needs to be fun for both of you, and making sure your partner is enjoying herself should empower you rather than take away from your sexual high. This experience is all about giving and taking, so make sure you are communicating with each other to make sure you are both comfortable and turned on!

Steffo also mentions that more often than not, women like to be submissive in the bedroom. Therefore, don’t be afraid to take control in this situation. Ensure that you and your partner have discussed boundaries in the bedroom beforehand, otherwise, ask along the way – this is just to make sure that she feels safe. Experimenting is all about having fun so don’t be afraid to try new things and further build the trust that you have with your partner. 

These newfound ways to pleasure your partner could lead to an energy orgasm, which will leave her begging for more. It’s important to understand that sex for a woman is more about the sensual touch than just the act of penetration. The key to making your woman feel good in the bedroom is foreplay. Take her on a sensory journey with your touch and your words, making her beg for more rather than getting straight to the point and only enjoying the experience yourself. You could even try some romantic background music and scented candles to get her senses tingling!

To add to this, Shambo specifies to take it slow. Sex is not a race to see who can finish first and women like it when you take your time to adore their body in every way; it makes her feel good to know that her body is being appreciated. Once you have finished, don’t rush – hold and caress her. Just because the physical act of sex is over doesn’t mean you are done connecting. Again, communicate with each other to feel the close connection and make sure that the sexual journey is enjoyable for both of you!

In all honesty, pleasing the leading lady in your life does not have to be difficult. Although it is easy, as a man, to get caught up in the moment and only focus on the pleasure you are receiving, making sure that your partner is enjoying herself will only make the experience more powerful and fun, which is what sex is meant to be! As our expert says, communication is the key to ensuring your woman has the best time in bed with you.

Asking the right questions and knowing how she likes to be handled will allow her to trust you more and help build a stronger bond between the two of you.


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