“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” – Estee Lauder.

Admit it. You have dreamt of success by picturing yourself sipping champagne on a private yacht or flying on a private jet. What if you were just one step away from achieving this success? John Holowaty is an Influencer on Facebook and Instagram who uses his example to show anyone can have their freedom lifestyle by following the ‘Business, Body, Brain’ success blueprint. He is also a mentor at the ‘Dream Chasers,’ a program designed for business growth.

John’s entrepreneurial spirit began from a young age. He used to set up a gardening business in school, sold designer-copied clothes but eventually chose another line of the profession: a personal trainer.

Some moments in life are a miracle. For John, it was a meetup with an old friend. He came up with a brilliant idea of selling products that later led him to the network marketing business. John had already been struggling with finances as a personal trainer, and this industry felt like an open door opportunity. It was as if the success left clues for him to pick up. John spent hours researching and eventually landed on Juice Plus. The website required a $50 investment to open a franchise; this felt legit and affordable compared to other investment opportunities.

John took the leap and spent at least two years building his career in network marketing. He attended conventions, held events, and interchanged his strategies to grow a network of distributors and customers. Now, John is a successful leader at Juice Plus and 7 figure earner.

The American Influencer’s approach to success is quite unique. During his entrepreneurial journey, John almost gave up on his business midway. He came up with an ideal solution: work on personal development. John focused on his body by working out and learning through self-help, positively impacting his business. Thus, the blueprint strategy: ‘Business, Body, Brain,’ was born.

Seeing other people’s struggles with business, John decided to share his wisdom with the world.  As an influencer, he takes responsibility to help his followers know his success blueprint. His book The Success Journal details his freedom lifestyle business achievement. His book Between Fear and Fortune elaborates the truth about network marketing and how it can empower the readers to live life on their own terms.

Other than that, John’s ‘Dream Chasers’ program also highlights ‘Business, Body, Brain.’ It is a program and a community for entrepreneurs to thrive in their businesses. As a program mentor, John makes sure that the members learn and grow in a healthy environment by applying the blueprint in their business goals.

John is optimistic that success will surely find its way for others as it did for him by following the blueprint of ‘Business, Body, Brain. For more information about the blueprint and the book, visit Jhdreamchasers.com.


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