By Bill Williams

Men are not known for their shopping prowess, especially when it comes to fashion items. If you are shopping for a wedding ring, understanding the current trends will ensure you get the best.

So, what are the current trends when it comes to men’s wedding rings?

Low Domed Bands: Low domed wedding rings have been around for a long time, but they have never been as popular as they are today. The rings still have curvature, but they sit close to the finger and have subtle domed appearance.

Carbon Fiber Inlay: Rings with carbon fiber inlay are popular because the carbon fiber gives them a bolder, darker, more unique look. Tungsten has a similar appearance.

Mixed Metal: If you are torn between two metals, worry no more. More and more designers are creating wedding rings.

Beveled Edge Bands: Rings with beveled edges are very popular this year. These are rings with a smoother, brushed center and a shinier and more natural glow on the edge. The different finishes give rings a two-tone appearance.

Personalized wedding rings: There’s a trend towards personalized wedding rings – no more one-size-fits all! The wedding ring choice should be based on your personal preference as well as your day job.

No matte finishes: Men’s wedding rings with matte finishes were very popular a few years back, but they are no longer popular because they show scratches.

Focus on ergonomics: You will no longer have pinched skin. Designers are using ergonomics to ensure wedding rings are comfortable to wear. You now see such things as curved interiors (as opposed to flat ones)

Wider Bands: There’s a trend towards wide bands in the 8 to 10 mm range. More and more men are buying wide bands with a textured or rustic finish.

Affordability: Men are no longer concerned with expensive wedding rings. They are more concerned with how the rings look, comfort, and durability.

Black Tungsten Carbide: There’s a trend towards black tungsten carbide wedding rings.

 Why are Black Tungsten Men’s Wedding Rings so Popular Today?

There has been an increase in the popularity of Tungsten Carbide men’s wedding rings. These black rings are seen as an alternative to platinum and gold wedding rings. So, what is the reason for their popularity?

  1. It does not bend

The fact that Tungsten carbide does not bend (the metal is twice as stiff as steel, with a Young’s modulus of between 77,000 and 102,000 ksi) is a big advantage because it protects your finger. In case of a big impact, such as a car accident, the band will break into many pieces instead of being bent into your finger like gold and other metals that change form.

  1. Resistance to scratching

Tungsten carbide does not scratch and even filing away at it will not lead to scratches. This means the ring will retain its aesthetic appeal for many years and you save money on polishing. Only corundum and diamonds can scratch the metal.

The fact that tungsten carbide is used in cutting tools, in abrasives, and in armor-piercing rounds is demonstrative of its toughness. The scratch resistance also means you do not have to remove the ring for manual activities that usually require the removal of the ring.

  1. It is heavy

Tungsten rings are heavier than most metals (it is as heavy as platinum) because of their high density (the metal has twice the density of steel). Men prefer heavy rings as they give the man air of confidence. The metal is almost 10 times heavier than gold.

  1. Great aesthetic appeal

There is something aesthetically appealing about black jewelry. The aesthetic appeal is also enhanced by the great polish and shine characteristic of the metal.

  1. The metal is hypoallergenic

If you have a sensitive skin that reacts to metals, tungsten rings are a good choice because the metal is hypoallergenic (it does not cause allergic reactions).

  1. Variety of shades and styles

Tungsten carbide can be shaped into different shapes and can be finished with different finishes, such as polishing, brushing, and soft satin. You can choose from different shades of grey and you can lay different metals such as zirconias and diamond into the ring. If you do not like the gun metal grey color, you could always have the metal plated white, black, or even gold.

  1. Great chemical properties

Tungsten carbide has chemical properties that make it great for use as a wedding ring. These include:

  • High melting point: Tungsten carbide melts at a temperature of 2,870 °C and it has a boiling point of 6,000 °C.
  • High oxidation temperatures: Oxidation of tungsten carbide starts at 500 to 600 °C.
  • Chemical resistance: The metal is resistant to most acids and is only affected by hydrofluoric acid/nitric acid (HF/HNO).
  • Electric resistivity: The metal has electrical resistivity of around 2×10−7 Ohmm.
  1. The myths have been busted

There has been a myth that tungsten carbide rings cannot be removed in case of a medical emergency and that the finger has to be cut. Doctors have dispelled this and other myths. Today’s medical institutions have the equipment necessary to remove even the hardest metals. There has also been a myth that you cannot engrave tungsten bands like you can with silver and gold. The fact is that laser can engrave tungsten for a beautiful look and easy-to-read wording.

  1. Uniqueness

One of the greatest reasons for the popularity of tungsten men’s wedding rings is that they are unique. Gold, silver, platinum, and titanium have dominated the men’s ring market and wearing something black will make you stand out.

  1. Affordability

Tungsten is affordable compared to white gold and other popular materials used in men’s rings. You can get original, well-crafted tungsten wedding rings for less than $100.

You should get your finger accurately sized by a pro because the hardness of the metal makes it very difficult to re-size. Have your finger measured at different times of the day and take the average since the size of the finger changes through the course of the day.

Author Bio: Bill Williams is a fashion enthusiast. He will help you buy the perfect wedding ring. He will also give you advice on how to make your wedding day memorable. For more information about Black Tungsten Men’s Wedding Rings, visit his blog here.