With the ongoing pandemic, opening a restaurant might sound much of a bad idea. Besides, the worries to get customers to flock your newly launched brick –and –mortar place can be a hassle. Why not try to open a virtual restaurant? With the option being you deliver the food you prepare to your customers after they place an order.

Thanks to the evolving technology everything is pretty much done online. Your customers can dine by just a click or a speed dial. Furthermore, with the Covid-19 measures in place, you get to keep your patrons and do efficient business online.

Virtual restaurants

As a restaurateur you need to know that virtual restaurants work on online applications and are much more of order-delivery -dine experience. Much of it is a digital way to own a ghost restaurant that serves customers with a fast, convenient and at your comfort way to dine. When you opt for it, you should have an effective way or application that your patrons can reach you.

In London, virtual restaurants have become popular and staple. They are at a fast growth rate especially during this pandemic. Many people opt for this digital delivery restaurants. More of check the virtual menu and food-delivery at their convenience. In that case, you prepare food for pick-up or take-outs. Take your time to study the model, then choose if it was you want. Here is what you should know :

  1. How to start

Just like any business, for starters it is hard to figure out how to start a restaurant. You have to understand that this is one of the fastest growing concept yet it can force you to throw it under the towel. However, virtual restaurants are worth the risk. If you already in savvy restaurant business then it can sound ridiculous but why not reach your customers through deliveries?

You need just enough space for your catering unit, can be a moving truck or your kitchen. Besides, there is no need for a dine spaces. You prepare food once a customer places a take-out or delivery order. Moreover, target a place or neighborhood that is in close proximity to your customers. Digital marketers can help you to customize the options on your menu and a good place for your startup.

  1. Budget

What is your budget as per your business plan? You have to weigh the profit margins and what you get in return. You should have a budget that can handle your labor costs, shopping for ingredients and rent for your place .All that without sacrificing the customer’s experience. Remember, third party delivery applications are important for your restaurant success.

  1. Kitchen space

Unless you cook your meals from home and your kitchen space is big enough to handle your staff, then you need a place. For instance, a commissary kitchen that you pay rent for can do. Try a private commissary for your food preparations. Either way, you can rent a commercial kitchen for your business. You don’t have to worry, Occupyd gives you unlimited affordable options to pick from. Furthermore, the kitchen models in place can suit your kitchen model needs. Check them on

  1. How a virtual restaurant works

Before you decide to let your restaurant into the market, you should have your mobile application in place. That is how your patrons can reach you, place orders and make payments. In that case, once they place an order, you get a notification and you prepare the food. After which the customer can pick it or your delivery person takes it to the customer’s address and they pay. Just have an efficient kitchen space with professional staff and watch your business grow.

  1. Create easy to use website

A virtual restaurant must have a quality easy to use website for its customers. Your online presence creates a market for you. Have a functional online order menu and even consistently share the food you prepare. Additionally, there are takeout apps that you can partner with to gain an online presence. Millennials are the main internet users. They love flexibility and convenience, they prefer home to foot traffic restaurants. Thus, apps can expose your restaurant business to them. This draws in customers and high profits.

Customer reviews will give you feedback on what to improve and grow your business more each day.

Bottom line

If you are a restaurateur, mark the consumer trends. ‘Ghost’ restaurants are more than a fad now, many people rather eat in than dine out. Besides, most patrons choose prepared food over grocery shopping during this pandemic. Reach your customers over social media and watch your business grow due to the high demand of food delivery services. This is the virtual age, let technology work for your profits.



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