There are many homeowners that select wood decking as it is a bit familiar, easily available, and also quite affordable. But, wood decking problems such as splinters, rot, or high maintenance cause a lot of headaches to the homeowners. Even though composite wood decking will be simple to maintain, many homeowners worry that the composites will not look very good. But, manufacturing advances now have led to the best composite decking that emulates the natural and rick look of the wood without any hassles of maintaining the wood deck.

Composite Decking

What makes composite decking the best choice? For starters, the best composite decking is maintenance-free. They do not require sealing, sanding, and staining. They, however, do need semiannual cleaning that includes the soapy water mixture as well as low power washer and soft bristle brush.


The cost of decking highly depends on the different manufacturers, and the shape, material, as well as complexity.

Maintenance and Durability

The composite decks are actually made from durable and long-lasting materials, which are stain-resistant as well as hold up really well to the harsh weather, and natural wear & tear for over 50 years. Unlike the natural wood deck, which will last 10 to 30 years before they need any kind of repair, the composite will not splinter, rot and get susceptible to insect damage.

In addition, most of the composite decks have got UV resistance, thus they will not fade and lighten like natural wood will with time. However, if the composite deck fades with time because of the direct sunlight exposure, then you may stain and paint this to make it appear new. Lots of people do not realize that painting and staining composite is actually possible, but it is doable and will improve the feel and beauty of the deck with time, and make it look new.

Wood Decking

An original & oldest option for the decking materials, the decks are using wood for the makeup right from the existence, thus we know it is the most proven material, which looks really good. When we talk about wood, one biggest pro is it is economical, lasting as well as comes in many different kinds of wood from the cheaper and pressure-treated options such as yellow pine and higher varieties like redwood and cedar.


You need to know the budget for the woodwork deck and it differs from softwood and hardwood. Select the right softwood timber as per color, affordability, as well as and installation technique. No pre-drilling will be essential, neither any type of budget-soaring fastening installations.

Cedar is softwood but it is not a cheap product. This ranges from 160 – 180 pounds every square meter. So, ensure that screws are made from stainless steel –or metals may react unpleasantly with cedar & leave the black spots.

Maintenance and Durability

Whereas composite decking appears like natural wood, many people prefer its authenticity of the actual wood. But, as strong as the wood decking is, still it is more susceptible to maintenance costs, effort and time. Most of the decks need full-on retreatment including sanding, staining, cleaning, and painting, and sealing. When left untreated, this deck can fade & rot.

Also, wood decks are called splinter and warp because of elements and normal dents from daily use. It is noticeable in the pressure-treated wood. But, on average, the well-cared deck will last over 20 years and more. Still not very long as composite, however the good amount of time, in the case treated in a right way.


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