There are a lot of jacking methods accessible these days. They include applications that can tackle issues with both new construction and existing structures. Jacks can work both vertically and horizontally. They can be operated to move or lift structures. The functions include bridge lifting and sliding, bearing replacement, high strength bar tensioning, load movement, pre-pushing, control of the settlement, force estimation, and weighting.

Hydraulic jacks for bridge construction

Since their inception, hydraulic jacks have been very useful for many purposes and especially in the bridge construction. They fit the required equipment for bridge construction. The hydraulic jack is selected for construction for many reasons. The size of the hydraulic cylinder can bear the weight of the bridge. When the bridge structures need to utilize synchronization to improve the work of the hydraulic jack and bridge, the hydraulic jack can bear the heaviness of the bridge.

Also, when the bridge is constructed, check if the size of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic jack can bear the weight of the bridge. If the jack is to lift a bridge of 1,000 tons of weight, remodel the connection between the hydraulic jack and the wharf. It is important to set the perfect connection structure between the two. Moderate the friction to achieve the desired position and build the strongest bridge.

Hydraulic jack is indispensable bridge construction equipment. It is not limited to bridge construction alone. Hydraulic jacks are also useful in electrical power works, machine fabricating, mining, shipbuilding, and different industries. Hydraulic jack has become an essential assistant and it is believed that with the steady improvement of the performance, the application field of the hydraulic jack will additionally grow to bring more expansive market space.

Types of Jacks

  • Traditional Hydraulic Jacks

They have about 1000 tons in size. They have rotating heads and bolting collars. It is possible to be added PTFE and elastomer sliding surfaces to the jack head. These will enable to hold limited vertical and even horizontal movement. The bolting collar permits the hydraulic system to be removed once pressurization is finished.

  • Hydraulic Flat Jacks

They likewise up to 1000 tons capacity. The hydraulic flat jack can work in the space of 50 mm or less. In short-term circumstances, where jack removal is required, inflation can be by hydraulic oil. When a lasting jack installation is required, the jack can either be inflated from the start with cement grout or bonded under the burden with grout sometimes later, said experts from Riverlake.

Temporary Hydraulic Flat Jacks for Bridge Jacking

When hydraulic flat jacks are required for a brief-term to be removed afterward, they are ordinarily expanded with water or hydraulic oil.

Advantages of temporary hydraulic flat jacks

  • When connected to a force meter, they are used as load cells. Also useful when connected to a transducer complete with digital data;
  • Pre-loading steelwork with transitory supportive networks;
  • Persistent load checking and adjustment when possible;
  • Multiple flat jack circuit to allow similar harmonized stacking;
  • Capacity to transfuse from temporary to permanent.

Hydraulic Circuits

Jacking powers are controlled by the utilization of either motorized or manually-operated hydraulic pumps. Using a mechanical or electronic method to measure the hydraulic pressures and structure movement permits the structure to be checked and painstakingly controlled as it is jacked. Jacks can be consolidated in complex circuits; where they can be operated as one, in groups, or independently.


It is possible to be designed alternate jacking answers for short-term works where regular propping systems have been stipulated. Such arrangements frequently offer impressive benefits with speed, cost, and improved admittance. They do not also need transient foundation removal.

Bearing Replacement

Bearing replacement is an encompassing service. It could include also hydro-demolition and diamond drilling. These services are routinely needed in the bearing replacement. They could be offered as a part of the bearing replacement service package.


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