Shelby Miller

What’s the deal with Shelby Miller? The once top- prospect has fallen hard over the last three seasons. What has caused this massive decline, and can he right the ship?

The former St. Louis Cardinals minor league ace hasn’t performed up to standard for the majority of his major league career. This holds especially true for his time as an Arizona Diamondback, where he’s been absolutely dreadful.

In 2016 and the beginning of 2017, Miller has gone a repulsive 4-13. It’s hard to see how any pitcher with his former pedigree can be so awful, yet, here we are.

Miller is one the worst pitchers in all of baseball, and the Diamondback have gotten nothing of value on a deal that sent Dansby Swanson to Atlanta in order to acquire Miller.

There was a time where Miller was an elite pitcher in baseball. In fact, he was an All-Star for the 2015 season. His impressive first-half numbers displayed a 2.38 ERA, 95 Strikeouts, and a 1.15 WHIP. The second-half of the 2015 season was when things went off the rails for Miller. He posted an ugly 1-12 record and saw an increase in ERA to 3.83.

Last season, Miller struggled against left-handed bats, as they hit .329 against him and posted a .402 OBP. This compared to a .285 BA and .337 against right-handers. Unfortunately, these awful split numbers have been a real drag to Miller’s career.

Can Shelby Miller once again become an All-Star caliber pitcher?

The answer to that question isn’t clear. The 2017 version of Miller isn’t looking so promising. He’s posted a 5.06 ERA and 1.59 WHIP in two starts. Obviously, these aren’t numbers one would have if they were an All-Star.

Although, some still believe in Miller. It’s strange that after an All-Star berth in 2015, he just doesn’t have it anymore. Something isn’t right. Until he figures out what, this is the Shelby Miller we are going to get.

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