Engagement rings are always special. Engagement rings are not only expensive rings but also carry trust, love, desire and emotions that last for a lifetime.

As engagement rings are special, care should be taken while making a decision to purchase one. An ordinary stone ring could be an engagement rings but natural low-quality stones are prone to fade away or discoloration. So normal stone rings would not be able to carry the prospect they possess. It is like sending a baby for the Olympic weight lifting. Haha, joking!!

People usually prefer diamond rings for engagement. One of the reasons for choosing diamond rings is the diamond itself. Diamond is one of the most stable materials on the earth and it will not fade away during your lifetime.

The cons of diamond rings are, it is expensive. Often couples purchase diamond rings from highly-priced brand shops. While purchasing from brand shops you are not only paying for the diamond itself, you are also paying for the brand value. o, the price becomes almost double.

But there are open paths to purchase diamond engagement rings cheap as well. The question is can you purchase it at wholesale price in the USA?

The answer is,”Yes”.  If you live in Houston, Texas, USA you are a lucky guy. I will introduce a diamond shop from where you can purchase your engagement rings at wholesale price.

Diamond Exchange Houston

Diamond Exchange Houston is a shop that is located in Houston (location in Google Map)  They offer middleman free diamond buying, selling and exchange. As there is no middleman in trade, the price they offer for engagement rings is the lowest in the market.

Engagement Rings

If you visit the shop mentioned above for Engagement rings in Houston area you can find the best deals for the finest rings. The collection they have is the best because of several reasons-

Not Competitive Price, its the Lowest Price

The trading method of Diamond Exchange Houston is different from other shops/sellers in the market. As they have been able to omit middlemen, they can offer the lowest price you have ever seen. For example, a 1.00 carat diamond engagement ring at the usual market would be around $8000 (may vary based on the quality of the diamond). For the same quality diamond engagement ring, the price could be $4000 to $5500 at Diamond Exchange Houston. Isn’t that a great deal?


While purchasing the diamonds, general people may not be able to differentiate between natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds or stones like diamonds. It is very difficult to differentiate in the naked eye. For your understanding, there are 4C’s (clarity, color, cut, and carat weight)  defined by GIA that determine the quality of diamonds. GIA diamond dossier is a certification that certifies the quality of diamonds based on that 4C’s. Diamond Exchange Houston offers a GIA diamond dossier for the diamonds they sell. It can assure you that you are getting the best quality diamonds at the lowest price ever. Moreover, thousands of couples who purchased engagement rings from Diamond Exchange Houston marked as top class.

5 out of 5

If you visit the Google Maps user reviews (location in Google Map) for Diamond Houston, you will find that 81 people reviewed this diamond shop. The best part is that everyone gave 5 out of 5. This rates the quality they offer. You can also check the photos posted by individuals while proposing or during engagement programs.

So, what are you waiting for. Follow 81 reviewers who said diamond Exchange Houston is a top-class shop for diamonds.

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