It can most certainly become a reality if the father and son duo play their cards right.

Hafiz “The Future” Parwani is a 9-year-old boy from Hamburg, Germany. What makes him so special are his boxing skills and the background he comes from. The Future has been trained by his father ever since he was 2 years old. Boxing comes to him naturally as he is the son of Shokran Parwani, a successful boxer with origins from Kabul, Afghanistan. However, Hafiz Parwani’s mother is of Russian origins. 

There are quite a few things that make people speculate that Hafiz ‘The Future’ Parwani will turn out to be the next Floyd Mayweather. First of all, both of them have had immense support from their families to rectify their raw talents. Both of theirs fathers have supported them to a very large extent and are aware of their capabilities and talents. Mayweather’s father, Floyd Mayweather Sr. was also a hall of fame former welterweight contender. One last thing they have in common is the sheer determination towards their talent at such a tender age. Both Floyd Mayweather and Hafiz Parwani have had fathers that persevered through rough times but did all they could to make a bright future for their sons in boxing.

This young boy is just 9 years old and studies in the third grade, while the training and experience he has gained are quite substantial. Hafiz “The Future” Parwani’s father, Shokran Parwani has had a very successful career as a professional boxer. He has had 15 victories and zero losses. Out of which 12 were victories due to knockouts. Shokran Parwani or SP for short has taken it upon himself to carve an international boxing sensation out of his son. He has been training him since he was a baby and has made him the world’s strongest kid at such a young age. 

Many people around the world are aware of Hafiz Parwani and his phenomenal talent. He has a massive Instagram following of over twenty-five thousand followers. He has also been featured on Tolo TV and Voice of America. Hafiz Parwani and his father have planned for them to go to the United States and train there on a much professional level. They plan to do this in 2021 as soon as the global travel and gathering restrictions are made less strict. Shokran Parwani has some strong contacts in the United States which he made while training in Las Vegas. These include City Athletic Boxing and Floyd Mayweather’s Dream Team.

The two years’ time from now is very important for Hafiz “The Future” Parwani and Shokran Parwani. It is the time they have to prepare for the first amateur fights done by Hafiz Parwani. These will be the initial opportunities he will have to further prove himself to the world. Being undefeated in them will mean that he has started following in his father’s footsteps. 

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