The project manager is the person who greets the submitted source document before it reaches the translator. The designation holds pivotal importance in performing translations and sending them to the clients asa project manager is considered the translator’s supervisor. Below are some of the responsibilities they will routinely encounter:

Prioritizing customer requirements

When it comes to a Romanian birth certificate translation, the project manager understands the client’s preferences and how to communicate effectively. They constantly communicate with the client and relay their concerns and instruction to the linguists. Essentially speaking, a translator is the agency of the language service provider. However, the project manager is the agency to the client.

Therefore, as a result, the project manager monitors the translations progress and cultural complexities in the content. Furthermore, the project manager also ensures the writing format represents the source document correctly. They prevent mistakes and blunders in the translation to ensure repetitive business.

Solving in-house conflicts

Business disputes are expected at the office. It could be a difference of opinion or a different perspective being imposed. A project manager supervises three people. These are translator, editor, and proofreader. Suppose any disagreement rises between these individuals. In that case, the project manager is responsible for taking over and acting as a mediator.

They will resolve the dispute with acceptable terms. An elongated conflict adversely impacts the Romanian birth certificate translation. Therefore, it is best to practice transparency and supervise the linguists’ staff efficiently. At the time of the conflict, the project manager will deliver his professional perspective to curb the situation.

Assigning the translation

A translation requires two languages—source and translated. When a client requests a Romanian birth certificate translation, the project manager will assign the task to a translator versed in the translatinglanguage and Romanian. Furthermore, the linguist must understand the subject matter to deliver the document on time.

Once the translator has been decided upon, the project manager will forward the documents. They may also inquire if the translator has the relevant skills to perfect the translations. Otherwise, the project manager will continue searching for a linguist who fits the job description.

The sole point of contact

The project manager is the only person the clients can contact. When performing a Romanian birth certificate translation, an editor, proofreader, desktop publisher, quality assurance works with the linguist. The person who accepts the request from the client is the project manager; they are their first-person contact.

The project manager is active 24/7 to exchange messages between the client and the translator. By doing so, they guarantee minimum disruptions and address the concerns promptly. A deputy project manager works under the primary project manager in larger organizations. The deputies may take over general responsibilities when the supervisor is on leave or vacant.

Provides the necessary resources

A project manager will supervise a translationfrom start to finish since it’s their responsibility to please clients. Most of the time, they will customize the logistics if the translation is rushed. However, quality assurance is not compromised with a checklist that enhances the translated content.

A project manager will provide the translator with AI tools, dictionaries, references, and glossaries to aid the copy. In addition, the project manager also analyzes each task for shortcomings. It is part of the project manager’s job description to learn from the previous mistakes and prevent their repetition in future translations.

Meet with the project managers today

Project managers working at Kings of Translation have previously worked as translators. As a result, they create an emphatic relationship to establish trust and enhance the quality of the translations. Contact Kings of Translation to meet with them before handing over the sensitive documents.



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