In this era of digital technology, eCommerce is one of the biggest industries in the world. According to economists, eCommerce retail generated around 4.9 trillion dollars in 2021 worldwide. With the increasing demand for online businesses, business coach Aariah Woods took this opportunity to build her career in eCommerce and became successful. Currently, she is the owner of Bellah Roze and has also managed to open her children’s online businesses.

Before choosing eCommerce as a career path, Aariah used to do tedious jobs that never paid her enough to make a living. It was hard to survive with one regular job with the increasing inflation. Coincidentally, she found out about the eCommerce industry through affiliate marketing. eCommerce proved to be an excellent opportunity to build a career and earn enough money for Aariah. She always wanted to launch her own brand, and eCommerce was a good start.

From having nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep for days to making $70k a month, Aariah worked night and day to reach where she is today. Instead of building castles over the skies, she took practical decisions in life to prosper.

@queenaariah started off with affiliate marketing on social media. Many brands and services contacted her to advertise in affiliate marketing, and she raised 6 figures online. With time, Aariah realized that eCommerce was a more practical industry to pursue, so she chose it as a career path. With her experience in affiliate marketing, eCommerce felt a bit familiar, and it opened a new door of hope and financial freedom for Aariah. She successfully opened her own business called Bellah Roze, a beauty brand for personal care products.

Aariah believes that the secret to her success is the transparency in experience is, unlike other business owners because of her organic growth. This can be seen through her Instagram and TikTok content. Although she made social media for affiliate marketing, Aariah uses her platform to encourage every individual who has given up on life or is on the verge of giving up. She is truly an inspiration for many people to follow; her Instagram @queenaariah has about 31.4k followers currently.

In the eCommerce industry, Aariah is a well-known name for giving free coaching lessons. With the success of Bellah Roze, she began her coaching lessons at Great By Design College. @queenaariah has taught almost sixty thousand students about marketing and online business. As she applies new strategies in her business, Aariah makes sure that her students also learn techniques to cater to target customers for their small businesses.

GBD College by business coach Aariah offers courses for beginners in dropshipping business or who need guidance to open an online business on Shopify. Under the mentorship of Aariah, students are bound to become successful in the eCommerce industry through organic growth.



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