Sun Protective Swimwear

Wearing sun protective swimsuits is one of the most effective and simple ways to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. These swimsuits basically create a protective layer that is more like a physical block between the sunlight and skin. Well, sunscreens are also known for doing the same. But here, unlike sunscreens, you do not have to reapply the swimsuits again and again. Once this swimsuit is on, you are sorted and guarded for the beach day.

Well, the ultraviolet protection factor lies in the addition of different chemicals and additives to clothes during the process of production. This simple process helps in boosting the sun protectant factor amongst the clothes or swimsuits you are going to wear. Many clothing brands are promoting the usage of ultraviolet protectants. These protectants are nothing but colorless dyes and chemicals which absorb UV light (UVA and UVB). Women’s sun protective swimwear comes with a sun protection factor that is also used in several sunscreens. But the major difference in applying sunscreen all over and wearing a sun-protective swimsuit is the fact that a sunscreen’s SPF measures only how much ultraviolet-B is to be blocked but does not pay attention to ultraviolet-A. Whereas women’s sun protective swimwear comes with complete protection against harmful UV rays. Here are the two most popular sun protective swimsuits that you should definitely consider for your next swim.

Top & Shorts

The first option to go for in the category women’s sun protective swimwear available in the market is this top and a pair of shorts. As you can see, the top has a three-fourth sleeve,s and shorts have standard knee length with an elastic waist. This is the most preferred choice by women looking for a sun-protective swimsuit. The fact that this swimsuit has amazing disruption to the UV rays due to the premium UV blocking dyes used in it makes it stand out from the crowd. Unlike cotton, rayon, hemp, and flax which demand treatment of some added chemicals for protecting the skin from UV rays, this swimsuit is made with 100% high-performance polyester. It is light in weight, water repellent, superb in comfort, and also has excellent stretch and recovery.

Top & Pants


The next swimsuit on the list of women’s sun protective swimwear is the full sleeves top and full-length leg pants with an elastic waistband. As polyester is the best material that can block the sun rays, this is again made of 100% high-performance polyester. Moreover, due to the addition of laundry additives like UV disrupting compounds and optical brightening agents in the garment, it becomes better at blocking UV rays.

The fabric here is heavier as well as covers the skin completely from top to bottom. This makes the costume a better sun protectant swimsuit.


In case you are willing to buy high ultraviolet protection factor clothing, go for retailers and companies that come with trademark names to denote their UPF clothing. For more information comment below so that our professionals can research you within 4-5 working days.

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