The door lock is considered to be an essential part of your home or office. To keep your house, family and belongings safe, it is essential to have a lock on the door. These are building blocks to guarantee the security and safety of your home. It is important to select the right type of door lock (for both internal and external doors) that would serve your specific requirements. For example, there would be differences between the door locks you would need for your office and the one you would need for your rear or front doors of the house.

What are the different parts of a door lock?

If you want to go for replacing your door lock, it is important to know the individual parts of a door lock. It is also important to know the mechanism by which different parts of a door lock work and how these parts work interdependently. For example, here are different parts of a door lock:

  • Cylinder- The part of a door lock where a key enters is the cylinder. If the key doesn’t fit the cylinder properly you won’t be able to open your door. Even if a slight distortion happens to the key, it won’t fit the cylinder and the lock cannot be unlocked. There are several pins in the cylinder which are spring loaded. These pins move when the key is placed inside the cylinder. The bolt must finally open to unlock the door lock. The cylinder can be replaced individually if you do not want to replace the entire door locking system as it is expensive to replace. Cylinders are of 2 types:
  • Single cylinder- A single space is on the side of a single cylinder where the key enters. A knob that is twisted is present on the other side that helps lock the door from the other side. The internal part of the cylinder has the knob and the external door part has the key side. This facility is there so that the door can be locked from inside without using a key.
  • Double cylinder- Door locks possessing double cylinder need keys on either side as they do not possess a twisted knob. They are perfect for public restrooms that you do not want anybody to access without a key.
  • Strike plate- The strike plate of a door lock is the place where the lock is attached to the door. It helps to keep the door in correct position when you lock it. It is made up of metal that can be screwed to the door frame. You can replace this part of the door lock in the easiest way if the lock is damaged. Bolt latches in the box part of the frame of door. Box is a square with a small hole that fits the bolt.
  • Latch or Bolt- This part of door lock can move in and out and it rests on that part of the door that is carved- out. These are of 2 types:
  • Dead bolt- It has to be locked by oneself. The cylinder would need the correct key to open. They are more durable than spring bolts.
  • Spring bolt- They mostly get locked on their own on closing the door. You would find it in hotel doors.

15 different types of common door locks:

  • Doorknob locks
  • Hand levers
  • Handle sets
  • Barrel bolt
  • Dead bolt
  • Cam lock
  • Chain lock
  • Circular padlocks
  • Simple padlocks
  • Smart locks and electronic locks
  • Child proof locks
  • Cabinet lock
  • Refrigerator door locks
  • Door top locks
  • Oven door locks

In a nutshell, door lock  is essential when it comes to the security of your loved ones or belongings or other important things. There are also several types of it. You need to choose one based on your purpose, priority and preference.


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