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Early in the season it was all about LeBron, or Joel Embiid.

Now it’s about the Joker and Luka.

And all the while, a familiar face is burning NBA nets…..AGAIN!

Yes folks, his name is Wardell Stephen Curry he secod. AK Steph, AKA Chef, AKA 1/2 of the Splash Bros, aka a 2-time MVP….you get the point.

Curry splashed onto the scene this season with a 62-point game. Just as a reminder that though he is in his 12th season, he’s just as spry at 33 as he was at 23.

The shot is even quicker. The vision is even better. The range is deeper. ANd what people need to remember is that all of this craziness – is within the context of the offense. You know, the offense that people want to blame and put an asterisk by the FACT that he’s changed the game – revolutionized that is.

With his 49 points, in 37 minutes by the way, the Golden State Warriors are within striking distance of a playoff berth with their defeat of the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday night.

Sure Embiid had 28 points and 13 rebounds in 32 minutes, but if you watched this game, as much as people do not want me to say the following statement, it was all about Steph. As it usually is. And as the Golden State Warriors rebuild their dynasty for one more run, multiple years within, Steph is preparing himself, his teammates, his injured Splash Bro, and all of the Bay for an explosive return to power.
6 games this year of ten or more three-point field goals. More than any other player in NBA history. His April splits: 55% from the field, 50% from deep, 91% from the free-throw line. These are not loaded stats by the way like other players do to pad their stats. 40.7 PPG in the month of April.

So with all of that, if Steph doesn’t at least enter your conversation for NBA MVP, then I guess he needs to have a greater month of May….then June…..then next year.

Steph is not going anywhere. As the popular context goes, PUT SOME RESPECT ON HIS NAME! #SnowmanSez


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