The 2019 NFL draft is nearly here and the San Francisco 49ers have one player to avoid at the No.2 pick. That is defensive end Nick Bosa out of Ohio State.

Yes, he did produce for the Buckeyes when he played. 17.5 sacks and 29 tackles for loss in 29 games. Bosa is also viewed as the best player in the draft. The Arizona Cardinals are likely going to do the 49ers a favor by taking him first.

If Bosa isn’t taken San Francisco has a limited amount of selections in 2019  and their best move is to trade down. Unlike 2018, this draft is deep when it comes to those who can get to the quarterback. Depending on the trade partners there’s opportunity to take Montez Sweat or Josh Allen.

Still the main reason the 49ers will not take Bosa is there are questions about his maturity. Sure some 49ers fans will forgive and forget when he produces, it’s an entirely different story when it comes to how he’ll acclimate himself in the locker room. Especially with Richard Sherman on the roster.

It speaks volumes about Bosa that he felt the need to remove tweets that endorsed the president and took shots at former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. His explanation “I had to. There is a chance I might end up in San Francisco.”

He is of course entitled to his opinions and there’s no excuse for Bosa reportedly liking racist and homophobic posts on Instagram. Regardless of his intent when deleting the tweets it certainly did not appease fans.

Bosa also got called out for it.

The 49ers will now show that the franchise has learned from what happened with Reuben Foster and will not draft Bosa if he’s still available as the second pick.



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