Brussels is Belgium’s royal seat and capital, Along with being called a quirky capital, it’s also known for its world-class museums and old infrastructural art remnants. Odd but absurdly beautiful combination to visit and enjoy this beautiful city. To book your tickets to Brussels, visit Delta Airlines official site.

Grand Place (Grote Markt)

The heart of Brussels Old Town is the Grand Place which attracts tourists because of its elegant character. It has the unique architecture of Gildehuizen (guild houses)and their magnificent gables, pilasters, balustrades, beautifully carved stonework, and gold decoration. The most visited and recognized building on the market is the Hôtel de Ville which was built in the 1400s inside which there are several huge magnificent rooms.

Saint-Michel Cathedral

It was dedicated to St. Michael and St. Gudula who were the patron saints of Brussels. This gothic art of a museum was founded in the 1200s and completed in the 15th century. The impressive facade is created which rises above the broad flight of stairs and crowned with twin 69 meter high towers. The beautiful interior is furnished lavishly and had been honed by the skill of Bernard Van Orley.

Belgian Comic Strip Center

This gorgeous building was built in 1906 and is a place for the world’s most wonderful comic strip center. Various exhibitions are rotated to show the famous artists of Belgian and French comic artists here.In addition to these museum documents, the comic strips are cleverly curated in a collection of original manuscripts or drafts which are definitely for tourists who love and appreciate art.

The Atomium

The Atomium in Brussels’ most searched and bizarre landmark attraction, and although it’s a long journey but is definitely worth the hype, the travel is by tram to get out of the place, the Atomium is 102-meter-high steel and is made of aluminum structure, designed by the famous architect André Waterkeyn for the 1958 Brussels World Exhibition. It is a surreal sight which is a building that represents a molecule of iron but has been magnified 165 million times.

Coudenberg Palace Archaeological Site

The most unique is the active archaeological site which was rediscovered in the 80s. The Palace has been excavated to reveal the cellars and the former tunnel passages of the palace of Brussels which has been buried under the city for many centuries. It is a beautiful sight and makes the tourist curious for archaeological adventure. There are also exciting interactive programs that encourage people to become involved in exploring, like the “Underground Treasure Hunt,”

Notre-Dame du Sablon

This church has been considered one of the loveliest late gothic churches in Belgium which was built to replace a small chapel in Sablon by the Crossbowmen’s Guild in 1304. The interior of this church is especially breathtaking as there is some astounding stained glass ceiling decoration which makes the church look fascinatingly gothic.

Château Royal

The Château Royal is home of the Belgian Royal Family which is not open to the tourist but the park which surrounds the palace is open to the public. The architecture of the palace is worth gawking at. The delightful paths and monuments such as Leopold 1 are at the center of the palace’s flowerbed.

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