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Woman Crush Wednesday: Q and A With Intrigue Management Owner and MyKrush Co-Founder, Chrissy Johnston

Bikinis. Swimsuit. Lingerie. Welcome to Woman Crush Wednesday! INSCMagazine’s new weekly feature that will appear every Wednesday. WCW! will feature some of today’s hottest bikini, swimsuit,Instagram and fitness models in the realm of lifestyle, modeling and entertainment.

There are bad bitches, and then there are BAD bitches. What I mean by that is this definition of a woman who isn’t afraid to be herself, is proud of her sexuality, looks and exudes an intoxicating combination of confidence, attitude and talent. They are the alpha females and bad girls of this Age of Trump, #MeToo generation.

They are bold, they are sexual, they are raw and unapologetic. Despite these characteristics, bad bitches are women that other females secretly want to be and the type that men want to bed, and yet they cannot be tamed or tied down, and never will be.

Because of this lack of submissiveness and self-independence that has given some a bad name socially and culturally.

Despite such negative connotations, modern-day “bad bitches” include the likes of Madonna, Christina Aquilera, Cardi B, Rihanna and Nicki Manaj. Someone who can also be considered a bad bitch is Intrigue Management Owner and MyKrush Co-Founder, Chrissy Johnston.

A short, dark-haired inked and curvy bombshell with an accent that’ll make any man’s knees buckle, CJ as she is often called is one of the top talent agents and female entrepreneurs in both the entertainment and modeling industry today, thanks to also being co-founder of the very-popular adult content platform, MyKrush.

A former magazine editor and publisher for big-name publications such as The Financial Times, Sunday People and News of The World, Johnston has interviewed some of the biggest bands and celebrities such as Will Smith, Pink, Shakira, Marc Anthony, The Spice Girls and Jennifer Lopez.

She may be a tiny 5’3, but make no mistake, CJ packs quite a big punch. On a personal level, we at INSCMagazine have had a wonderful working relationship with both Ms. Johnston and Intrigue Management in featuring some of their clients which include some of the biggest glamour models, social media influencers, fitness models and personalities. To be able to work with and talk to someone on the level of CJ, as well as her insanely intelligent and sharp demeanor makes her more than just a formidable force in the media and PR industry, but also a fiercely loyal friend, and someone I cannot recommend highly enough.

I myself, and INSCMagazine are very fortunate to call her both a friend and creative partner. I cannot stress this enough, and I hope those who read this ascertain this point, is that the media and public relations industry is all about building friendships that develop into long-lasting relationships and valuable contacts, who can help and assist.

With that being said, I’m honored to present this Q and A on CJ as we finally talk one-on-one about about her impressive background as a journalist, being a female boss in today’s society, co-founding MyKrush, working with Coolio, Jenna Jameson, Farrah Abraham and crushing on Tom Hardy.



Name: Chrissy Johnston or ‘CJ’ to my friends

Age: 46

Height: 5’3

Measurements: 32G-26-36

Social Media Links: Instagram: @MissCJRose

Where are you from?

I was born in London, UK, but currently live in Lancashire.

Tell Us A Little About Yourself…

I was raised single-handedly by my father, a former bank robber and gangster/criminal once labelled by the media as: ‘The Hardest Man In Britain’.

My father spent 27-years in prison but quit crime when I was born to focus on raising me. Despite his troubled past, he’s proved to be an amazing father and taught me to be honest, loyal, kind-hearted and mentally strong.

My father also encouraged me to use my intellect in life – I was a straight-A student and, after finishing my education, became a MENSA member (I have an IQ of 148).

I went on to enjoy a long career as a magazine Editor and journalist, working for an array of publications including The Financial Times, Sunday People newspaper and News of The World, which was once one of biggest tabloid newspapers in the World.

In 2004, I quit journalism and founded celebrity talent and PR agency www.intriguemanagement.com  

My agency represents an array of celebrities/famous faces from around the World.

I’m also the co-founder of adult platform MyKrush.com which launched earlier this year.

What was the highlight of your journalism career?

Everything was a highlight! I buzzed off the pressure of working to tight deadlines and, as an Editor, taking care of a large team of staff and being responsible for what went in to each edition of a publication.

Apart from when I worked at The Financial Times, I specialized mostly in celebrity features and interviewed many well-known A-listers, TV stars, boybands and music acts including Will Smith, Pink, Shakira, Marc Anthony, The Spice Girls, Westlife, Take That and Jennifer Lopez to name a few. I regularly attended movie premieres and showbiz parties, which was a blast!

Have any celebrities ever hit on you?

Yes, and I’ve had a couple of serious relationships with people in the public eye.

I’m no supermodel and there are thousands of better-looking women than I, but over the years many celebrities have flirted with me and asked me on dates, it’s very flattering.

I’ve been on dates with, or had relationships with, members of famous boy bands, a high-profile A-lister actor, Grammy award-winning female music artist and an Olympic gold-medal winning female athlete to name a few.

Out of all the celebrity clients past and present that your agency has represented since 2004, who have you enjoyed working with the most?

Coolio, the Grammy-Award winning rapper famous for the hit, Gangsta’s Paradise is one of my all-time favourites. He’s a hard worker, eccentric and always make for entertaining TV! I’ve stayed at his home in Vegas and he’s stayed at mine in the UK – he’s so much fun to be around, plus he loves to cook and always ensured I was well-fed every time I visited his home.

I’ve worked with Jenna Jameson for many years and have a lot of respect for her.

She had a tough start in life, went on to rule the porn industry in an era where it was run by men and made millions from it.

She then quit porn and suffered badly with addiction but pulled herself out of that dark hole, got sober and completely changed her career and life for the better.

Jenna’s an amazing mum to her daughter Batel and adores her husband Lior.

She’s such a strong woman and her intellect is often under-estimated.

Some ignorant people incorrectly presume Jenna’s a bimbo because she’s attractive and an ex adult star, but since when does being pretty or having sex make you lose brain cells? Even the most-gifted geniuses in the World have sex, lol. Jenna’s highly intelligent, she could out-smart most people!

I also enjoy working with Farrah Abraham because she’s real, speaks her mind and is one of the most-driven people I know, her work ethic is fantastic.

She’s very blunt and no-nonsense, some people feel intimidated by her when they meet her in person, but she has a very sweet, fun side and adores her daughter.

The last time I spent time with Farrah she gave me a bag of cute London-themed gifts – she’s always been lovely to me, I like her very much.

Can you tell us about your other business MyKrush.com?

It’s an online platform where adult creators can sell sexy 18+ content to fans and interact 1-on-1 with them via dms, video or phone calls.

All of the other successful adult platforms out there are owned solely by men, even though female creators are the ones making the most money on the sites.

I’m not anti-men, but I figured it was time for a woman to launch an adult site.

Sure, my fiance is a co-founder and we have guys working on our technical team, but I have the final say on the business and am the top boss, lol.

As a celebrity agent, I’ve always been on the side of the talent, protecting them and negotiating the best deals possible. I have implemented this in to My Krush.

MK offers a higher payout rate than all of the other adult sites and our team can help get creators’ content removed should it ever get leaked. I want to protect our creators as much as possible.

My Krush models/creators can also liaise directly with me if they have questions, complaints or need help, I’m accessible and supportive to everyone who joins the site!

Do people judge you because of the way you look?

Some people do, but I don’t pay too much attention to it.

I have tattoos, womanly curves and sometimes show cleavage, so some people presume I lack intellect, but they’re the ones lacking intellect.

I’ve negotiated many television, publishing, movie and endorsement deals worth millions for my celebrity clients over the years.

Do you really think celebrities would trust me to handle their careers, legal contracts and fee negotiations if I wasn’t smart?

What makes you happy?

Pulling pranks on people; laughing until I’m about to pee myself; going to the theatre; dancing; singer JP Cooper (his vocals give me goose bumps); making my father proud; spending my money on other people; being vegan; people being kind to animals; art museums; gothic decor; boats; Kat Von D’s new house (her taste in decor is identical to mine) and being alive – I wish I could live forever!

Who are your top 3 celebrity crushes?

Actor Tom Hardy.

Latin singer Maluma.

Actress/Fitness Model Gurbani Judge @Banij (from Amazon TV series ‘Four More Shots Please)

Tell us an unusual fact about yourself?

I’m outgoing, confident and assertive when it comes to business and being a talent agent. I’m very friendly, talkative and skilled at putting others at ease when I first meet them. I could stand up on stage, give a speech to thousands and not get nervous.

However, I’m actually incredibly anti-social and much prefer being alone or just with my partner.

I’m hoping to buy about 10 acres of land or a small island, build an eco-friendly gothic house on it and live off grid soon, as far away from other people as possible!

As long as I have food, wine, books, music, my mind and imagination, I’m happy!

What makes you angry?

Dishonesty(grow some balls and speak your truth!); greedy people (never trust a greedy person); people who are cruel to animals; people who don’t stick to their word (your word is everything); narrow-mindedness and mediocre minds.

As Albert Einstein once said: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the person who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express their opinions courageously and honestly…

Finally, sum yourself up in 5 words…

Complicated, kind, mysterious, liberal and strong.

Happy Woman Crush Wednesday!

Special thanks to Ms. Chrissy Johnston and Intrigue Management for their assistance during this WCW! Q and A feature Email us at inscglamourgirl@theinscribermag.com if you feel that you have the look of being our next Woman Crush Wednesday.

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