Love them. Hate them. REALLY hate them, there are certain actresses that makes fans and audiences boil with pure revile. Think about it, when choosing to go see a certain movie, is there an actress that you DON’T want to see or hope doesn’t steal screen time?

While the cameras and media may love certain actresses, these ten are often at the center of controversy for being divas, hard to work with or quite simply getting by on their looks while having no real talent.

Below are my top ten actresses who fit that description. Enjoy!

1.) Kristen Stewart: If there is one actress that is universally reviled by fans, critics and people in general, it is Kristen Stewart. Whether it is using her pale emotionless face opposite Robert Pattison in Twilight to sleeping with Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, Stewart has the acting chops of a cardboard box, the look of a female meme on meth and the talent of…of… You get it, right!

2.) Megan Fox: Many actresses in Hollywood are mind-blowingly hot, who can also act (paging J-Law!) and then there is Megan Fox. Fox, who first burst onto the Hollywood A-list map in Michael Bay’s robot demolition derby aka Transformers as Mikaela Barnes, was booted from Transformers 3 for reportedly comparing working with Bay to Adolf Hitler. Before the Hitler remarks, Fox was the recipient of multiple Razzies for Worst Actress, scathing reviews and having a rep for a bad off-camera attitude. Currently filing in for Zooey Deschanel on ‘New Girl’ hopefully her acting will finally be able to catch up to her hotness.

3.) Lindsay Lohan: Perhaps the ultimate tale of child star gone bad, Lohan was once the adorable redhead in Parent Trap, to A-lister on the verge of stardom in Mean Girls to being an Hollywood outcast and public pariah. A front page staple of TMZ, Page Six and the National Enquirer and a favorite target of papparazzi, Lohan’s story of rampant substance and drug abuse as well as dealing with a meddling mother and non-existent father are why she is seen as Hollywood’s problem child.

4.) Halle Berry: While winning an Oscar can open up a lot of doors in Hollywood in terms of passion projects, having your name on the marquee for movie openings and all, it can also cause a case of extreme vanity and drama queen-like tendencies, as in the case of Cleveland-born Halle Berry. Thanks to a penchant of ex-husband drama, demanding on-set temper tantrums and medicore acting, Berry is a case of what happens when someone wins an Oscar and letting it go to their head.

5.) Shannon Doherty: Hollywood’s quintessential bad girl of her time on the original Beverly Hills 90210, Doherty cemented her name in Hollywood infamy as Brenda Walsh from 1990-1994, she posed for Playboy twice in 1994 and in a ten-page pictorial in 2003. While she would regain some street cred in Charmed as Prue Halliwell, Doherty—even to this day—has never been able to quite shake her bad girl you-know-what persona from the 90’s.

6.) Katherine Heigl: Hard to believe that a woman who was once on the old WB’s Roswell from back in the day would develop into one of Hollywood’s most-outspoken, difficult and polarizing actresses. Such as the case with Katherine Heigl.

While she will forever be known to many is Izzy from the uber-popular and vastly-overrated medical sap-fest Grey’s Anatomy, Heigl clashed with producer and creator Shonda Rhimes, by basically throwing her under the bus at the Emmys, to getting called out by former Knocked Up castmate Seth Rogen while complaining about sexism in Hollywood, despite appearing in a scene with The Ugly Truth co-star Gerard Butler using a vibrator.

Universally reviled by directors and A-listers, Heigl is rumored to be on the infamous “blacklist”, which probably explains why her recent NBC series, State of Affairs was so abruptly cancelled.

7.) Beyonce: Grammy-winning multi-platinum singer. Yes. One-half of one of music’s power couple. Yes. Talented actress? Not so much. While she did appear in Dreamgirls alongside Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce has had a mixed bag in terms of being on the silver screen. Thank to roles in The Pink Panther, Cadillac Records, Epic and Obsessed, it is really hard to buy Queen Bey as an “actress” perhaps she should just stick to her regular day job.

8.) Raven Simone: Hard to believe that one of America’s most beloved and adorable child stars from the Cosby Show has become one of her community’s most divisive critics. A former Disney star of That’s So Raven and the TV show Hangin with Mr. Cooper, Simone would go on to become a double-platinum singer and eventual talk show host on ABC’s The View. Simone would openly deny her own identity in a recent Oprah interview and state that she would not hire anyone with a “black” name. This despite appearing on a predominantly all-black cast in Fox’s hit drama, Empire? Okay…..

9.) Jennifer Lopez: Gigli! Need I say more. Despite having a breakout performance opposite George Clooney in Out of Sight and her signature film Selena, Ms. Jenny from the Block has had more box-office bombs than Ed Wood. Movies such as Money Train, Anaconda, The Wedding Planner, Angel Eyes and Jersey Girl, just to name a few. Don’t get me wrong she is a very-talented singer, dancer and judge on American Idol, but in terms of acting…not so much.

10.) Gwyneth Paltrow: If there was an actress that defined the rich white Anglo-Saxon archetype, it is the former Mrs. Chris Martin in Gwen. One of Hollywood’s biggest stars and THE It Girl from the 1990’s thanks to her long-time relationship with both Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt and movies such as Seven, Great Expectations and rom-coms such as Sliding Doors.

While no doubt she is one of Hollywood’s biggest names and most talented actresses who has even expanded into the comic book world as Pepper Potts in Iron Man 1-3, the façade she gives of being so perfect—yet cold and snobbish—kinda rubs some fans the wrong way.

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