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We all know how important it is to exercise. How it strengthens our bones, tones our muscles, and gets our blood pumping. Exercise even surpasses the physical realm and goes to the emotional one, boosting our moods and helping reduce stress. When someone is physically and emotionally healthy, they can enjoy a higher quality of life. (Learn what else contributes to a quality of life here.)

Another benefit of being all-around healthy is getting lower rates on no exam life insurance. The amount you pay in monthly life insurance premiums is directly related to your state of health. The healthier you are, the better rates you get. Health is so important that even term no exam life insurance, which is typically easier to get approved for than traditional, requires that applicants answer various questions about their health.

With all the known good that comes from exercise — physical, emotional health, high quality of life, and savings —  why is it still so hard to actually do it? One reason that holds people back from joining the gym is the thought of adding yet another monthly bill to their already stretched budgets. Gyms, especially in big cities, come with a high price tag, and it can be daunting to commit to another monthly fee.

Fortunately, you don’t actually need to join the gym to exercise.

There are plenty of ways to exercise at home, save money on gym memberships, and as a result, on no exam life insurance premiums!

Here are 5 Ways to Save Money on Home Workouts

If you want to commit to daily exercise but don’t want to break the bank, check out these 5 easy and creative workout ideas.


Dancing is one of the best, most fun ways to work out at home. You can do freeform or choose a specific style, the possibilities are endless, as are the soundtracks. Depending on what type of dancing you do, you can work out different muscle groups, go at different paces, and vary the length of your workouts. Take the time to make a killer playlist that will make you want to move. Just the simple act of music has been shown to improve mood, so coupled with movement, the results can be spectacular. When it comes to applying for no exam life insurance, emotional health is just as important as physical health. You can read more about what affects no exam life insurance rates here.)

Walking Up and Down Stairs

Walking around the block is a good start, but walking up and down stairs is a much more intense cardio workout. This exercise should only be done if the staircase in your house is safe and you are physically capable of going up and down. If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then go for it. This isn’t the type of exercise that needs to be done 20 minutes in a row, even doing a few minutes several times a day can have a significant impact.

Strength Building with Household Items

Forget the costly dumbbells or free weights, you can build muscle by lifting regular household items. The trick is finding something that is easy to wrap your fingers around — bottles of laundry detergent can be good, sacks of potatoes, or simply a heavy book. (More ideas here.) Start with something light and work your way up toward heavier items. Make sure to use the proper form so you don’t injure yourself, which would defeat the whole purpose of staying fit and getting lower rates on no exam life insurance.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope might be known as a playground activity, but it is actually an intense full-body workout. Jumping rope can tighten your core, improve lung capacity, tone your calves, build stamina, and of course, burn calories. You can do it in the yard, in front of the television, or in the kitchen — as long as you have enough space in front of you and behind you. What’s more, a jump rope only costs a few bucks, which makes it a great value for what you’re actually getting.

YouTube Workouts

One of the main reasons that people like going to the gym is for the exercise classes. A treadmill or stationary bike can be done at home, but there’s something about watching an instructor and following their movements that is more appealing. YouTube workouts are a great, free alternative. There are so many professional trainers, teachers, and fitness gurus that offer their expertise for free, from 5 minutes to hour-plus segments, and everything in between. With YouTube workouts, you can get a similar experience to classes at the gym, but the selection is even more varied and diverse. Plus, you can pause it if you need to go to the bathroom.

Work Out at Home, Enjoy Life, Save Money

Finding inexpensive, creative, and fun ways to exercise at home means that you can stay healthy without worrying that you’ll go into overdraft each month. When you feel emotionally and physically healthy, it is so much easier to tackle whatever challenges life throws your way. Just as daily exercise can help you prepare for life’s challenges, no exam life insurance can help you prepare for the unexpected. Life happens fast, but being ready and prepared means that you will be able to make the most of it.



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