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WWE: Once Crazzy Steve signs, they should put him in NXT and Sanity

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There have been reports going around that Crazzy Steve is done with Impact Wrestling. After the tapings last week, he sent out a tweet by thanking Impact Wrestling and saying that he was done. However, once those reports came out, there were new reports that he was offered a contract from the WWE.


Depending on what source you read, you will get a different answer. There are some reports that are saying that he has accepted the deal and others are saying that he hasn’t accepted anything yet. Once something does become official with him and the WWE, there are several options they could go with him. If they bring him right to the main roster, then maybe he could join Bray Wyatt or the Hardy Boyz. However, the more logical approach that the WWE should take with him is by putting him in NXT and having him in the stable of Sanity.

While Crazzy Steve was in Impact Wrestling, he is a former tag team champion with Abyss while they were in Decay. If WWE continues the Crazzy Steve gimmick in the WWE, I see it fitting in the Sanity stable. Since Sanity has been in NXT, they have been a bit rebel and a bit out there. It fits with Crazzy Steve because he was a bit out there while he was with Decay.

Also I see him having more of success in NXT than the main roster right off the bat. If they bring him to the main roster right off the back, it won’t work out well at all. Unlike AJ Styles who made a name for himself out of the WWE and going to the main roster made sense, Crazzy Steve only really made his name in Impact Wrestling and the small independent wrestling promotions. Unless you saw him in Impact or one of the independent promotions, you may not know who he is.

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